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About Pastor Christian T. Roll

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About Pastor Christian T. Roll

Welcome to The Church of the Redeemed Whore!

Pastor Christian T. Roll is the living example of Christianity in action. Only the power of Jesus could help this man who once indulged all manner of debauchery. Born into a family of heathens, Christian T. Roll vied against the Christianity that saved him from becoming one of the bazillions of daily abortions committed by murdering atheists. He rebeled against his God, partaking in drugs, booze, premarital sex, cursing, and other unChristian activities too dark to even discuss.

About Pastor Christian T. Roll

On the path to hell, Pastor Christian T. Roll felt the agony of sin's slow death diseasing his body and mind. In a moment of complete crisis, as the bottom raced upwards, Pastor Christian T. Roll called out to Jesus.

About Pastor Christian T. Roll

At the moment of hopelessness, Jesus appeared and gave Pastor Cristian T. Roll his mission to build a mega church to spread the Word of Christ and God's love.

A miracle!

About Pastor Christian T. Roll3

From that day forward, Pastor Christian T. Roll, armed with only his faith, a Bible, and God's strength, he founded a church that grew into millions of weekly parishioners born again in the Word of God.

Credentials Given By the Lord!

Pastor. ThD. Church of the Redeemed Whore. Using Christ’s Word to Stop evilutionists and abortionists, Pastor Christian T. Roll is the voice of opposition to the leftist, socialist, atheist, homosexual, agenda!

“That’s right! Maybe there would be less sinners if you SOBs went to church and prayed more. God’s grace saves even the likes of you!"

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