Alcoholics Anonymous IS NOT THE SAME AS CHRISTIAN!!

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Alcoholics Anonymous IS NOT THE SAME AS CHRISTIAN!!

Answering the Booze Sect of Christianity

You say Christianity and AA is the same thing, but that is not true! You are scaring away sick people needing help by calling AA a religion and possibly killing them. You don’t know what you’re talking about!! AA is a spiritual program that has nothing to do with any Christian church. ~Email from 12 Stepper

Dear 12 Stepper/Christian,
The only person dumber than a Christian is the 12 Stepping Alcoholics Anonymous believer reborn in a “program of recovery” rooted in Christianity. In a Christian-dominated society filled with different sects, the rise of a c̶h̶u̶r̶c̶h̶ (I mean spiritual program) based on a mysterious booze disease should surprise no one. The dumbassery needed to believe a guy nailed to a cross, an act allowed by his father (God), somehow saves humanity is the same stupidity required to believe uncontrolled drinking results from a physical, mental, and spiritual disease, only a “higher power” (God) can cure.

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