America, Trump, & The End

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America, Trump, & The End

The Great Social Experiment that died with Homo-Stupidus

Part 1. Homo-Stupidus

A duck asks a pair of fish swimming below him, "How's the water down there?" One fish turns to the other and asks "What's water?"

(This line/joke is stolen from somewhere, although I don't recall where, but it's not mine, not original from me (full disclosure)).

When the dinosaurs ruled the earth (or at least were at the top of the food chain) I don't think they argued or disagreed much about social order, left, right and/or center. They just wandered around eating one another and everything else until an asteroid hit and threw up a 200 year night.

Then, kind of like a Cormac McCarthy novel, they all just died. They had a beginning, a middle and an end;

The End as it were.

It seems unavoidable to me that mankind, homo-stupidus is going to keep culling our population down ("What's water?") until the earth, either by asteroid, nuclear apocalypse, or eco-genocide/suicide, or some other amazing unforeseen (as in obvious) manner, has re-set the boundaries for who we are, how many of us there are and what's gonna happen to us.

(Side note, this was written at least a year before COVID-19 began dancing through our nightmares).

The American experiment in self-governance, to whatever small degree that ever really existed, is pretty much done and dead on a nation level.

The American empire has begun its collapse in pretty much the same way that every empire known to us in history has collapsed, those of us alive today will all go thru our personal extinction, probably well before the bigger, big one happens.

I mean, with Homo-Stupidus in charge we only have, at the outside maybe 10 or 15 years to implode/explode before we will all be playing poker (and splitting every pot) at the hands of baby Jesus and his daddy-o, having already had the due date reached for turning back into the old atoms of our mortal coils.

I'm trying to resist self-abuse by accepting yet refusing to consider this a bad thing.

Like nihilism, which the older I get the more I think takes a bad rap. I think it's actually only accepting what is completely obvious but too uncomfortable for us to handle.

We are a very fucked-up, violent, stupid species, arrogant to an extraordinary and extremely dangerous degree, self-destructive and willful and cruel.

This isn't being negative any more than it's being realistic. "What's water?" is the perfect metaphor not just for how bad our politics are, but for how messed up WE are, as a species and thus how fucked we are.


The End.

Part 2. Jesus and Trump

Evangelicals, many of them, love Trump.

I guess if you can believe in the divinity of a blue eyed, blond, middle-eastern guy, who is the only son of god and who can grow limbs back on people and walk on water. Well, let's face it, you can believe ANY thing.

Don't make fun of people's religion?

Then don't choose for your religion preposterous and idiotic nonsense and then put a cherry on top of it all by thinking the psychopath Trump is special in the eyes o' da' Lord.

Do Christians bother you? You're not alone.

Sick and tired of Christians?

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