As a newly added editor on Christian Pollution, here’s the deal.

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If you wanna play soaring Christian Muzak, while flashing this pic of mine, feel free, but

I like what I understand of Jesus H. Christ’s ethics, and I find his metaphysical and epistemological views, sketchy at best...

I snapped this image from my living room a few years back and have hundreds of equally moving sunset pics from all kinds of places. (If you wanna play soaring Christian Muzak, while flashing this pic of mine, feel free).

You can explain this pic via meteorology, physics, photo-blah blah blah, or “God’s glorious creation.”

I don’t give a fuck what you say about it.

But the whole “Jesus painted it with his fingertip” is pure idiocy and anyone over the age of 3, knows this.

My/our goal at Christian Pollution is to set the record straight and stop the harm being done by really stupid, lazy people — the same fools who continue to spread a life-threatening disease around the world in the name of their “faith.”

Fuckin’ STOP IT . . . your faith beliefs have no right to trump my desire to stay alive and enjoy lots more sunrises and sunsets.

Have a nice day . . . No, really, have one if you can and best of luck if you’re trying.

According to numerous eye-witness testimonies, Jesus wanted us to love one another and that was a major part of his ethical direction. Settle on that. Work on that and stop polluting the world with your desire for personal immortality and magic tricks ( you know, growing limbs back on lepers' and such).

Stop polluting the world.

Just fuckin’ stop it!

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