Black Men Wanting White Women Syndrome

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Black Men Wanting White Women Syndrome

Pastor Christian T. Roll Explains Black Envy & the Myth of Racism

As we approach the New Year, I wanted to start my resolution early by bringing attention to the growing problem of Black Men Wanting White Women Syndrome. Though an old issue, this syndrome’s successful containment failed during the desegregation and Civil Rights fiasco. Since that time, BMWWWS spread at an alarming rate, threatening good Christian women everywhere. As Christians, it is our responsibility to stop the spread of this syndrome, and that starts by understanding the causes. Please turn your attention to the slide show.

Black Men Wanting White Women Syndrome2

This is the Pyramid of Christian Hierarchy, which illustrates the level of Christian advancement. As you can see, the white man is at the top, meaning he is the most advanced Christian. Now those lying atheists love to point and cry racism, but that is a lie. Racism is a myth invented by liberal, homosexual-controlled media to distract believers from Jesus.

God brought blacks to America to become Christians and have their souls saved, and since white people were already Christians, God gave them the responsibility to ensure this task’s completion. Does this mean that blacks are inferior to whites? Absolutely not. All people are equal, and

All lives matter!

Christians don’t indulge in racism; that would be unchristian, but the problem is that black people are still not yet as advanced in Christianity as the whites, and mixing up Christianity will breed lesser Christians. Nobody wants that. The last thing the world needs is less quality Christianity. However, starting long ago before the Civil War, lying atheists and other dregs of humanity began mistaking freedom with Christian quality issues and blamed Christians for slavery. Of course, Christians didn’t own slaves except for a few bad apples. Personally, I believe Christian slavery is a Jewish, Atheist, Homosexual, conspiracy with China to destroy Christianity, but that’s a story for a different time.

You see, in the early days of black Christianity, blacks needed monitoring, and God, in His infinite wisdom, made them slaves as part of His bigger plan to make them better Christians. Of course, abolitionists began thinking themselves smarter than God, causing the Civil War and ultimately the freedom blacks were unprepared to live. Had there been no Civil War, racism would have ended when God deemed blacks good Christians, but now with freedom forced upon them, blacks endured many issues like crime, and of course, BMWWWS.

Lacking good Christianity, black men soon fell prey to envy and wanting white women. Need proof? Just watch this video.

My God! It’s like she’s speaking another language.

Clearly, you see why the black man would get confused by the ramblings of Dr. Corbett, which make no sense whatsoever. Being of less advanced Christianity, Dr. Corbett lacks the knowledge of Coronavirus as an atheist, left-wing conspiracy with China meant to undermine America by killing Christians. Now, the black man sees this lack of advanced Christianity in the black woman, and looking up the pyramid, the white woman becomes very appealing with her superior Christianity. To understand the appeal of the white Christian woman, compare Dr. Corbett with this exceptional white Christian woman.

10,688 death reports (0.0022%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine, not necessarily caused by the vaccine. ~CDC

Is it any wonder that the black man desires white women?

No one could resist this Christian woman with her keen sense of the truth, and clearly, the atheist, liberal, homosexual agenda has done black men a great disservice by giving them false hope of obtaining the Marjorie Taylor Greenes. A sad situation for sure with only one way to help the sufferers of Black Men Wanting White Women Syndrome, and that’s to be proactive. In this next video, this good Christian woman shows us how to keep the persistent black man from thinking he can date white Christian women. (Why else would he persist in attempts to enter the woman’s building?)

Fantastic! She has perfectly illustrated how the Christian white woman must handle the black man suffering white woman envy. Despite his constant filming (showing his uncontrolled desire), this woman keeps him from feeling welcome. Christian women who use these tactics provide a great benefit to the black man ill with BMWWWS.

She won’t be desirable now!

Concluding this discussion of BMWWWS, I hope you good Christians learned how to help the black man. Just remember there are many beneficial methods such as calling the police, and white Christian men should not be exempt from helping the black man either. Whenever a white Christian woman cries out for help against the suffering black man, every white Christian man in earshot should come racing to her aid. It will take every white Christian, male and female, to fix the BMWWWS problem.

God bless! Join me next time for the Complete Guide to Dating Christian Women.

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