Christian Living is about Living Christ’s Word!

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Christian Living is about Living Christ’s Word!

Responding to what Christians believe is important.

If you understood Christianity at all, then you would know that Christians live by Christ’s word but they are not Christ. We make mistakes because no one can be like Jesus. The only thing you prove is how arrogant you are to believe yourself better than Jesus or those seeking his grace. ~Email From Christian

Dear Christian,
Your illiteracy reveals when assuming I do not understand Christianity. I comprehend Christianity claims to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, but more importantly, how Christians use Christ’s supposed perfection to deflate culpability for wrongdoings and hypocrisy. Even more importantly, realizing how Christians derive these beliefs and poor thinking from biblical fiction proves I comprehend Christians better than they know themselves. Perhaps that rings with arrogance, but not for Jesus, just with Christians: well, as far as literacy is concerned. This must be the case since you have based your life on the teachings of Christ via the multi-translated, ambiguous, contradiction-filled bible...

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