Christians Cannot See their Fraudulence Since Everything they Believe is Based on that Fraud

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Christian Fraud Bait and Switch

Christianity is a Political ideology, Dumbass!

Answering Another Christian Intellectual 

Christian Email ~ August 14, 2023

Don't you think your problem is less associated with christianity then your political views? What if I told you some conservative christians dont represent all of us? 

Dear Brilliant Christian,
What an astounding, well-formed rebuttal distilled from a keen religious mind. It is as though you have peered directly into my thoughts and uncovered my Achilles heel of having confused my politics with my religious views. How you follow that observation by questioning my understanding of “some conservative Christians” not representing all of you, befuddles me. Having cracked the Socratic method whip, I truly feel beaten by the obvious.


The Christian mind must indeed be a tormented place to daily inhabit where one states the obvious while simultaneously believing themselves wise and perceptive. If not torment for Christians, most certainly that cognitive void tortures me, like an ass-backward Sisyphus racing downhill to help the Christo-Mentally Deficient ascend critical thought’s slope. Literally, I toss a coin to choose between the least stupid emails to answer.

Christianity is a political view!

I cannot say this with more clarity. What kind of bonehead, dumbass believes Christianity is separate from politics, especially in the US? Every major sect of Christianity in the US supports specific laws based on religious belief, i.e., abortion bans, healthcare policies, education, limiting civil rights where religion is concerned, etc. Wherever there is a dilemma or choice for public policy, there is a bunch of dumb Christians with a stupid opinion.

Christians are involved in almost every aspect of government policy and politics because it is a political body as well as a religion. Perhaps you don’t see this, not solely for being stupid, but because you are one of those liberal Christians who believe “if everyone followed Jesus the world would be great!” Or maybe you are one of those progressive Christians who deny the millions (the majority) of other Christians in the claim, “They are not real Christians.” Maybe you are a conservative or Republican but don’t agree with the MAGAs and only vote for conservatives who appear sane. Maybe you sit around in an LGBTQIA-friendly church holding hands and loving Jesus, wondering how so many of your brothers and sisters turned into MAGAs. If you are any of these folks, you believe these ideas because you are an imbecile! Let me explain the depth of your Christian dumb so nothing is left to the imagination.

No matter how rational, conservative, liberal, or brilliant you perceive yourself, you prove yourself just as hypocritical and dumb as the MAGAs and even more nonsensical. By stating, “If I told you some conservative Christians don't represent all of us” you implicated yourself in a political belief system by considering yourself REPRESENTED POLITICALLY (“represent all of us). Perhaps “some” of you are not MAGAs, but clearly “that some”, according to you, belongs to another Christian political body since you are represented differently.

You cannot even discuss politics as a Christian without representing yourself as a political collective.

Not only have you contradicted yourself and proved that Christianity is a political ideology, but you crystallized the religion’s farce. When convenient, Christians are political, not political, liberal, progressive, conservative, authentic, fallible, infallible, ad infinitum. There is no reasoning with Christians because you cannot reason with foolishness embedded so deeply that hypocrisy becomes as natural as breathing.

Are you really this fucking stupid? How could you possibly send us an email with such obvious fallacies? Sadly, the only people who don’t understand how ridiculous Christians sound, are the Christians. Your religion, on which you ground your intellectualism, fails you because it is a fraud. If you believe the intellectual fraud, you will act fraudulently, just as you wrote today, trying to educate people with empty wisdom.

You would have been better off mindlessly rolling your eyes, moaning, “Jesus saves.”

At least you would have been honest.

Christian demands, “What is your brilliant philosophy?”

I assure you, NOT a penis-obsessed God who allowed his only son’s torture.

Christian demands, “What is your brilliant philosophy?”

Email from Christian ~ February 5, 2023

You attack Christianity and call it a fraud, but you never state an alternative philosophy. What makes atheism so great? Is it believing you are in control or is it the lack of any moral framework that makes immoral living easy? Christianity provides stability and structure by giving society purpose, maybe that’s too difficult for you since you don’t value anything but yourself.

Dear Christian,
Indoctrination stole all intellectual wind and spiraled you in ignorance from the lofty, infallible worldview into the pit where humanity explodes into chaotic evil without Christianity. For without God, we are all lost, and assuming no great civilization ever existed or exists now without Christianity, begs the question: What is the oppositional alternative for Christians? Buddhism? Islam? Satanism? Only the Christian-infected mind sees life in such a grotesque polarization.

How truly ugly and limited is the Christian worldview!

Like all your brethren, you perceive the world through the crucifix lens that divides people into man and woman, black and white, successful and unsuccessful, right and wrong, communist and capitalist, good and bad, etc.

Good Christians storm the Capital while Black terrorists protest racial injustice!

Never a thought wasted on exploration and study to discover life’s nuances. You, Christian, already possess the truth and need only fit the universe to your theology.

Colonialism, enslavement, authoritarianism, and Christian Nationalism are not governance models to fear but leadership to save everyone. Christianity’s “moral framework” made life so much better, evidenced by the nonexistent wars, the ending of poverty, the acceptance of diversity, and the vast improvements to education and other institutions during their global dominion.

How vapid and shallow is the Christian viewpoint!

In light of the Christians’ propensity to impose their will on others, I suppose I should feel honored you desire to know my philosophy. Unlike you, I do not hold such a clear view of the universe, not at all resulting from rejection of the practical to maintain ludicrous imaginings of a penis-empowering god, a virgin birth resulting from cosmic rape, and a son whose torture and execution saved everyone from sin. Unlike you, I have no science and philosophy that is not at all based on implausible ideas presented as facts. Pitifully, my philosophy grows from acknowledging rather than fearing the unknown.

I profess no truth or wisdom and live only in reality. Discovering reality and solutions to real-world problems presents too much challenge for my weak mind to allow veneration of a god scrutinizing every move with a requirement to grovel when needing assistance. I lack the wisdom of worshiping a deity powerful enough to will the universe into existence yet so down-to-earth He punishes His creations for loving the wrong persons while rewarding those who correctly hate them.

No, Christian, if you seek clear answers like ones derived from your ancient, ambiguous book rewritten, reinterpreted, and rehashed to mean anything, you’re out of luck with me. My brilliant philosophy forms in simple critical thought (the closest thing to the truth you will never know) that perfectly articulates:

You are a fraud.

I am not getting how all Christians are guilty?

The Christian Bait & Switch

The Christian Con

Email from Reader ~ July 4, 2023

I know you’ve explained it, but I guess I am not getting how all Christians are guilty? I can see the fraud in the evangelists and politicians, but the average Christian believers don’t seem to be acting fraudulently?? 

Dear Reader,
You are not alone in your confusion. Understanding the complicity of Christians is difficult, further complicated by other factors such as geography, upbringing, etc. 

Imagine someone from a small town in Tennessee trying to grasp the Christian fraud after a lifetime of indoctrination to view Christians unrealistically. In Christian Pollution Polemics & Absurdities, authored by Terry Trueman and me, you will find several articles that explain this problem. I implore you to read that short book because you will receive a more detailed explanation than provided herein.

The Bait & Switch

The Christian fraud begins with Christianity’s misuse of philosophy. While debating and postulating God’s existence has a place, these discussions cannot be presented as plausible evidence since they only exist conceptually, meaning these proofs exist in the mind alone, not reality, and prove nothing. The problem stems from a layperson’s understanding of argument, which ignores and frequently treats God as though His proof were the only purpose of philosophy when logical inquiry provides a far more practical role in answering dilemmas of ethics, law, and many other fields. Christians, all theists, tend to argue God’s existence relying on solipsism, cosmological, and other conceptually-confined proofs.

The Christians perpetrate fraud when they present God and religion as factual, which is a form of bait and switch in which the Christian presents conceptually-based proofs, then declares God real based on nothing but ideas that might be possible.

Christianity’s fraud is pervasive.

No one raised in Christianity receives an alternative, and if left to Christians, no one, born Christian or not, would be allowed different perspectives. The majority of Christians prove their fraudulence by their voting and willingness to impose their absurd beliefs on others through laws and policies, such as overturning Roe v Wade, sex education, etc. In the face of contradictory facts that illustrate sex education and access to birth control help fight poverty and overpopulation, Christians would demand you follow their faith and do away with these measures.

Enforcing their religion reflects fraud because they claim Christianity is plausibly true and a practical means of solving social problems, clearly indicated by their willingness to codify it into law when it is neither plausible nor beneficial for solving social issues.

Either Christians are complete idiots (which I do not believe to be the case since they are functional in other ways), or they are complicit in the fraud. Whether conscious or unaware of their complicity, they are guilty of a pervasive fraud that undermines and threatens millions of people with oppression. Ignorance of the fraud does not exonerate nor keep Christians from promoting the deception. By allowing themselves to believe this far-fetched tale, they support a religion that gives birth to groups like the KKK, White Supremacists, Nazis, and many others. Merely believing in Christianity, no matter the sect or interpretation, Christians give credence to the religion, whether cult, mainstream, Mormon, or Evangelical. Their belief alone unifies Christians in fraud, which explains perfectly why they, in the majority, vote the same and share the same goals, regardless of orthodoxy in most cases.

…mainstream religions like Catholicism and Protestantism vote between 47% and 55% Republican, but the percentage jumps with white evangelicals to somewhere between 76% and 85%

…even if all the white evangelicals voted Republican, this alone would not be enough to win the Presidency since they only comprise one-quarter of all the voters.

…approximately half of the mainstream Christians voted for a party that increasingly aims at evangelical Christian nationalist voters…evangelicals tipped the numbers in favor of the majority of Christians voting Republican.

The Christian fraud ever deepens.

To Maintain a Fraud, Willing or Unwilling, You Must Lie!

There is a cost for placing faith in a fraudulent idea. Believing the earth is flat limits your understanding of science and nature. Similarly, Christians limit themselves to a fantasy that God sent his only son to die a horrible death for their sins, which makes absolutely no sense to anyone but a Christian who lives in this delusional world. Here, we see the Christian fraud grow in the believers’ need to warp reality to fit their illusion. The Christians, rather than looking at facts that contradict their belief, headlong push to legislate against things like birth control because if everyone strived to be like Jesus by not having premarital sex, there would be no need for abortion or contraception! Despite abstinence-only sex education’s glaring statistical failure, the bizarre Christian belief dictates this dream is an achievable reality. If you are willing to believe Jesus was born of virgin birth and died to save us from sin, well, why wouldn’t abstinence-only sex education work?

Born of misplaced faith in the implausible, Christian fraud grows into a recursive lie requiring consistent effort to maintain internally and externally, raising serious questions to how anyone ignores the modern world’s omnipresent media reflecting a contradictory reality.

The fraud deepens even further.

The Deliberate Nature of Christian Fraud

As we ponder the obvious contradictions that do little to jar the Christian mind, the maintenance and proliferation of such massive fraud reveal necessary premeditation and awareness to fuel the lie. Those Christian philosophers, academics, priests, and pastors must constantly reinforce ignorance in the Christian and use many tactics like speaking in jargon, always taking Christian arguments into the realm of philosophy (since that is the only place it is possible), and other more guerrilla rhetoric like dropping comments across social media or any site where people can post freely. They post pithy sarcastic responses that shoot down entire articles, (often writing containing only the mildest implications for Christians,) by picking out extraneous points or no point at all! They plant these comment mines wherever they can stop Christians from reading anything too critical of their religion.

Posted on an article that has nothing to do with atheism.

Perhaps Christians would be more honest if they stopped thinking of life as epic fiction. Just a thought.

These tactics work because fraudsters KNOW the Christian already believes the fraud, and these ignorance mines inflame bias, halting believers from straying into critical thought.

This is the internal and external fraud of Christianity that results from giving oneself to an implausible idea. Soon you will find recognition of the fraud pales in the awareness of those controlling Christianity: clergy, wealthy supporters, politicians, etc. They fully comprehend their religion’s absurdity, and their motivations to be complicit in the Christian fraud should frighten you.

I hope this helps you and anyone else confused by the fraud. If not right away, don’t worry — you will see the problem clearer as you continue investigating Christianity.


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