Christians, Trolls Wanking to Old Taylor Swift Videos Don’t Tell the Truth!

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Christians, Trolls Wanking to Old Taylor Swift Videos Don’t Tell the Truth!

You’d think this wouldn’t need saying.

What a month September has been with Christian Trolls coming out of the WEB’s shadows to post their standard, too-dumb-to-work-on-anyone-but-a-Christian comments. Our article, “Christianity: Philosophy or Pathology,” struck a nerve, perhaps containing too much truth for the Christian mind.

As we pointed out before, the Christian inability to argue plausibly makes them prone to pretending they are philosophers, needing to argue in the realm of possibilities. Lord knows they cannot discuss facts and must retreat into jargon-filled discussions to escape the reality of their detrimental religion.

Christians, Trolls Wanking to Old Taylor Swift Videos Don’t Tell the Truth!
Luckily, Terry Trueman and I were on the scene to get this frustrated child away from this delusional Christian we took to a sanitarium where he belongs.

In no other situation do people indulge their delusions this way. Clearly, this is a problem because Christianity does not merely desire to sound credible to convince believers but believes itself credible, seen readily in the ludicrous applications of this improbable belief. Don’t believe me?

Survey after survey show between 15–20 percent of Americans strongly embrace the tenets of Christian nationalism, while another one-third support it, albeit less fervently.

Just as Time reveals, Christians have embraced this philosophical fantasy of Christian efficacy to solve problems for so long they believe it true despite the glaring truth that this religion worsened issues such as poverty, racism, and inequality. Even more glaring than a cause of problems, Christianity retards thought worse than lack of education or drug use. Christians become so wrapped in their delusion of Christianity they don’t read or listen to reputable sources. No! All believers need is any online stranger mentioning something that sounds credible, and they revel in their own bias.

Christians, Trolls Wanking to Old Taylor Swift Videos Don’t Tell the Truth!

Who are these Christian defenders overpopulating the internet? Shouldn’t it seem a little funny to anyone with common sense that every online discussion becomes infected with these people trolling for Jesus, misstating arguments, and using every online posting opportunity to voice their ridiculous values? Even if Christians are too dumb to identify propaganda, shouldn’t they at least recognize the volume of these anonymous believers all acting in concert? Not Christians.

Who cares who that person is when they speak the truth!

Christians, Trolls Wanking to Old Taylor Swift Videos Don’t Tell the Truth!
There must be a school that teaches Christian Troll skills.

Who cares if that Twitter profile was one of many managed by some Christian who posts between wanking to old Taylor Swift videos!

He’s so smart. He used the words “fallacy” and “strawman” in the same sentence with Jesus, so he must know what he is talking about.

Christians are really that stupid! As long as Christians hear what they want, they don’t give a shit! “Oh well,” they say until their rights are gone and they shrug shoulders. “What happened?”

While religion might make Christians too stupid to realize the encroaching oppression, we Christian Pollution members are wise to their leaders’ plans and propaganda. In that wisdom, we decided to build a digital home of free content for everyone sick of Christianity: a site free of Christian Trolls and their pseudo-intellectual arguments! September ended with the launch of, where everyone can enjoy articles and find books to help them dechristianize. The Christian Pollution Newsletter will remain on Christian Pollution Exclusive, along with all the latest articles. We hope you enjoy the new website and thank you for your support!

Keep fighting the Christian pollution!

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