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Dear Baby Buddha in yer Manger

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Dear Baby Buddha in yer Manger

A prayer for atheists & others at the age of reason and above

We all wanna live,
for the most part,
for as long
as our various parts
have not reached or exceeded
either their
“Sell by” or “Expiration dates.”
We are not all
like the Anti-vaxxers and their ilk
who actually
as though they believe,
that they are going somewhere
after they,
you know,
kinda die —
to spend all eternity
playing harps and shit
at the right hand of
Big Daddy and Laddio.
And who,
even though they profess
to believe this horseshit,
grab every available hospital bed,
including ones that could be used
for injured children and such,
to stay alive.
And from these beds
these Christian anti-vaxxers
continue spouting
unto their final rasping,
gasping, gravelly hoarse moans
about their freedom
and shit.

baby Buddha in the manger,
we know there is no
room at the Inn,
but any chance you could spring loose
a couple of ER beds
for peeps
who aren’t
total sociopathic
ass hats?
Thanks for listening,
have a nice day
A —
— men.

“And the waters of the load, flowed onto & unto
the wicked and the righteous in equal wetness
(and stuff).”
— St. Terry, blessed son of nobody in particular

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