80's Love

God and sex and love and Ona

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God and sex and love and Ona

A 1980’s love story all about the best America has to offer


Early on while making love to Ona
As I would thrust hard and deep
And feel the soaring
Heat of her and feel the wet
Depth of her and know
That nowhere else, ever, was I going to feel so good,
I would say, a guttural moan,
“goddamn it” because it felt so fine.
And Ona would sigh back,
“God bless it”.
And now, before I cum and after,
And sitting around reading, pausing
To notice her hips, breasts, not her breasts,
Or in the middle of making love
Or in the middle of fucking or any other time
I say, “God bless it,” too,
Having learned
Just one of the lessons,
That she
Has taught me.  

Image courtesy of Dragana Skrepnik, Artist, Tucson AZ


And one night after Love Boat
On the decrepit pink couch,
The lake lapping the shore outside
And the night getting on,
Ona came out
In a torn and ragged
Green print dressing gown
That was slit at the chest
All the way to the belly.
She had bought it at Goodwill.
And there, the empty popcorn bowl on the coffee table,
The T.V. off for the night,
The dogs all asleep,
After we had kissed a little,
And felt an awful lot like it,
Ona hiked the gown up, straddling me,
And turned it into
Spun gold,
Sliding herself down around and onto me,
My hands caressed her breasts and what moved across my mind
In route nowhere,
Was the certainty
That this moment was the best America
Can offer, there’s none better, and it’s enough. 

Jesus Trash
Image courtesy of Dragana Skrepnik, Artist, Tucson AZ
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