Hey Fellow Christian Lovebirds

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Hey Fellow Christian Lovebirds


Blond Closely Tracked by Spirit of Yoko Ono: And could this be the reason she (the blond) looks so kinda pouty? 

Patti and I watch a lot of
True Crime shows . . .

A LOT . . .

too fuckin’ many.

you gotta be careful
in life
and in death for that matter
and of course, in photo poses...

This is my view anyway, and
Patti thinks so too:
otherwise, why her
clever and oh-so-careful
disguise that time in that Vegas gift shop?
pic by me Patti disguised as well hidden dirty blond

The point here is that
one can never be too careful
with the ghosts of celebs
and wannabe celebs (Like fat boy Steve Bannon
tap dancing his way, while clearly
channeling John Candy,
to a two-year prison stint as I type this)?

And as the spirit
of Yoko fights off
unfair accusations
that she broke up the Beatles
while she was mostly
just keeping her eye on Patti or
Debbie Harry or Peggy Lipton,
or Michelle Phillips
or maybe even Marylin Monroe,
or some other blond or dirty blond.
You can never be too careful,
ask Joe DiMaggio or any brunette,
dead or alive.

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