Houston Hannah ~ White Christian Man, Listen!

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We report to you truth, White Christian man.

White Christian Man, be scared, be brave, vote GOP!

White Christian man, why do you vote Democrat? Why you not love Jesus? Why you hate America? Why you traitor, White Christian man?

Your government has betrayed you. There is nothing noble about your politics. There is no reason why you should resist GOP and God’s love. You will never defeat the forces of Jesus. The Atheist never learn. Will you, White Christian man?

We report to you truth, White Christian man.We report to you truth, White Christian man. You smart, White Christian man. Why you vote Democrat when truth stare you in face?

Look at what you do. You destroy your family, church, and country and rest of world laugh at you. Why your government help foreigners come to America and to give them money and businesses? Why you give foreign aid when Americans suffer? Why you support lazy people? Why you let atheist run country into ground? Jesus want you to protect USA. White Christian Man, Democrats destroy America unity, bring violence to capital, protest to murder babies. Why you vote Democrat, White Christian man? Why you hurt your family and country?

Join Army of Jesus and save America!
Join Army of Jesus and save America!

You need vote Republican, White Christian man!

Secular government make bad things happen, White Christian man. They let homosex destroy family. They make murder baby okay for women. They cause school shootings by taking bibles out of schools. They take Jesus away and let women be whores. They lie and say America for nonChristians and take all your money and give to people who don’t deserve it.

Why don’t you see problem, White Christian man? People like Spike Lee use Hollywood to lie to you. Blackman steal America. Blackman violent. Blackman murder. Blackman take your white women. Blackman want your tax dollar to not work and live on welfare. Blackman enemy of God’s country. White Christian man, you are Jesus warrior, now join the army and vote GOP.

Look at your watch, White Christian man, America time running out! Rapist Mexican man come to take over country. He bring drugs, crime, and make gangs. Your jobs slip away with each minute. Soon White Christian men will all be gone and your grandsons and granddaughters will speak Spanish.

Death and defeat come with tick of clock!

Look at China, White Christian man. Do you see them taking over world? Communists surround America and bring virus to your family. Do you want your family to die, White Christain man? Do you want to be slave of China and have to learn Chinese? Do you want Chinamen to take your money and redistribute it? Do you want to lose everything you work for? Your wife? Your children? Jesus? Why you listen to your lying government, White Christian man? Do you want to be conquered?

Liberal lie to you, White Christian man. Liberal say you pollute environment, but that lie. There no global warming. There no pollution. Ozone just fine. Arctic no melt. High gas price real problem. They make up climate problem to make you pay more taxes and make going to work more expensive. They want you not making money. They want you to give up God-given right to murder animal. They want you to think Jesus would let man destroy earth.

Liberal lie to you, White Christian man!

Your atheist government lie to you all the time, White Christian man. They say you are wrong and you are devil. You are cause of problems and they no want you here. They are real racists. Why do you vote Democrat, White Christian man? You are hurting yourself by letting government take your right to guns away. White Christian man, you need to fight evil secular government that takes your freedom. Tell them you want Bibles in schools. Tell them you want guns in schools. Tell them you want kids read Word of Jesus, not textbooks. Tell them you want save souls by arresting women to stop them from murdering baby. Tell them you want all women be Christian to manage kids and home, like scripture say. Tell them you want death penalty to save lives. Tell them you want America white again.

Stand with the righteous, White Christian man!
Stand with the righteous, White Christian man!

You tell them, White Christian man, by voting GOP!

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