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How Did We Become "Get Off My Lawn"?

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How Did We Become "Get Off My Lawn"?

From "This Land is made for you and me"?

This Land Is NOT Your Land, Adieu

As we approach the end of the Jan 6th hearings I am reminded of this piece below, written a few years ago. I posted this diatribe back then inspired by my rock-sure conviction that Donald Trump spelled something far more dangerous and sinister than most of us could even imagine. Regrettably, I was under-estimating the horror and the danger. Things have not gotten better!!!

America Part 1.

If you have ever uttered a phrase like "America love it or leave it" or your idea of patriotism is a little red, white and blue sticker on the back of your car and/or flying the stars & stripes on a flag pole taller than your neighbor's - the following thoughts are likely not for you. You've been warned.

We used to be able to believe we lived in a fair and just democratic system.We were taught this all our lives, in our families, schools, TV/media propaganda exposure, social groups, "We're number one! We're number one!" "The Super bowl is the most important event in the history of the universe!" and on and on.

This is no longer true.

It was never true, mind you, but at least we used to be able to believe it.

Here is the truth: we live in an oligarchy owned by a small cadre of very wealthy people who mostly feel that this is exactly the way the world should be. Worse yet, they believe that the world couldn't/shouldn't possibly be any other way.

They believe it has always been thus, and will always be thus. We used to be able to believe not only that our view was reality, but that to think any other way than the belief that America is fair, just and right was to be a traitor. Many of us still believe this - I hope those of you who still believe this aren't reading this.

If you think about what I am saying now, and it is depressing to you, you know I'm telling the truth. If you re-read this and can't argue against it, you know this is true. In fact, you know this is true no matter what, unless you insist on not knowing which many of you are content to do.

The problem with America today is clear in our country's 40% support of the GOP/Trump agenda and that 40% group's inability to see the evils of neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism and thus the true nature of the American empire.

I have been watching Ken Burn's documentary The War, about ww2. Everybody is skinny and all the 400K casualties are young and clear about fighting fascism/Nazism to save the world for freedom and liberty and the blessings of democracy.

The word "capitalism" never comes up.

The USA, before entering WW2 in 1941, had a standing military about the same size or a little smaller than that of Rumania, hardly the terrifying military machine of infinite killing and destructive capacity that it is today.

The USA then was still a young country, just an adolescent coming out of a very rough puberty (the great depression).

We are now a bloated, aging ugly old man with a terrible haircut, a witch for a wife and a batch of stupid, vapid, psycho kids who we pretend we like.

America isn't what it once was. It deserves to die, just as all empires that get fat and old, deserve to die. Our denial of death will only last as long as it lasts.

Myths Part 2.

Our secret selves hide behind our myths both shared and hungered for and lied about, as we lie to each other through our silences. The longer a secret is held inside us the deeper it cuts and wounds and scars. Nothing fresh or new can grow out of earth scarred for too long.

We see only what we insist on seeing or will tolerate seeing of nation and self and others and only in so far as our vision will share the lies we tell ourselves for our need to be living within the lies our nation tells itself.

Six hundred-thousand of us died in the Civil War and more in our days and times. And the poets wept in madness and changed into the old men as America grew old and insane.

Few of us if any can see ourselves rising without a nation, without hope or any chance to ever see ourselves for what we once dreamt of being.

We cannot see through the veils we have slowly set before us and allowed to be set before us, so that we can escape seeing what we have become: old, dying, soon to be dead and planted in the dirt we once called our nation.

Every life and every story has beginning, middle and end. This nation is done and gone, but not quite able to see itself yet. This empire will go on a while longer, it doesn't matter. Every story has its ending and the story that was called the American Nation is done and going, going . . . whether we can see it or not.

Where once stood proud, hopeful humans calling themselves One, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, we now stand angry, embittered shadows, distrustful, full-up of hate, anger, fear and loathing.

We all know this truth, standing in our respective tribes, divided, staring across insurmountable distances at the other tribe, wishing them ill and death and harm and sure of our rightness.

We are sure of their evil, and all of us in both tribes, call ourselves the rightful heirs of a nation we once imagined, now an Empire breathing its dying breaths.

But who has ever known that the breaths they breathe in their final moment are their final breaths?

The billions of stars, the billions of planets, the trillions of atoms of the air, the movement of cells in our livers and hearts and our forests and our couches and our desks were always moving us towards this moment,

No matter the depth of insignificance the death of our nation is, done and gone, as we all are soon to be: nation, man, woman, child, animal, rose, stone turned and unturned and mountain and valley, all of it, all of it, all of us and our nation now, once becoming and once become, and now?

Gone and done.

Done and gone.

Adieu, adieu, adieu.

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