Limit Contact With Christians: Freeing Yourself of Christian Indoctrination

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Limit Contact With Christians

Reducing interactions with Christians means less possible harm to you.

Whether you believe in God or not holds less importance than separating yourself from Christianity. Removing Christianity for many people, including myself, is a difficult process made even more arduous by the ever-present Christian pollution that makes this religion appear normal. So pervasive is the philosophic disease that you can have no Christians personally involved in your life but still have Christians impacting you through limited associations such as jobs or other groups. Still, others are not even this lucky, and many born into Christian small towns, enclaves, or families have no choice but to interact with Christians.

The level of Christian pollution in each person’s life varies, making each person’s separation from Christianity unique. Trying to encompass the range of needs for Christian separatists lacks practicality, but in general, limiting contact with Christians avoids many risks.

Christian Friends

I have two Christian friends, and I am unsure if one is aware of her Christianity. She is Christian by default, for living in a Christian community, but not a churchgoer or bible thumper.

The other is a born-again evangelical that had a pretty shitty childhood and was preyed on by Christian charlatans who took advantage of a kid needing help. To her, Christianity, her church, saved her life even though many people helped her — Christian or not. Not the church, but the government paid for her college, making her life the success it is today, which says a lot considering her church opposes welfare and many other social programs.

Today, I can be friends with Christians because I recognize the pollution they produce, and I am no longer easily poisoned. Still, I limit my associations to these two Christians because Christians are toxic with conservatism — and completely unaware of their toxicity. Even if someone is a liberal Christian, they hold many Christian values that make interactions unhealthy.

It takes time to build a new community around yourself, the ready-made friends and associations compels many people to accept these toxic individuals.

In a Christian-dominated society, we live under the constant pressure of Christianity to conform, and one of the primary “values” inflicted by Christianity is the idea of being personally responsible. Despite the positive connotation of the word “responsible,” more often than not, Christians use this concept as a gaslighting technique to make people guilty of all the bad in their lives while Christianity takes credit for all the good. No matter who you are or where you live in the US, this value has been foisted upon you as a means of making you compliant to Christianity.

If you are lonely because you don't want to be part of Christianity, the most natural feelings are guilt and self-blame because Christianity taught you to make yourself the culprit, not all the toxic Christians surrounding you.

The truth of human vulnerability clarifies when you look at the facts and science. Experiments prove humans are susceptible, often negatively, to culture and environment. If this were not the case, generational poverty would not exist, especially amongst white people who have more privilege than other groups.

If you are born and live in poverty, you are more likely to continue living in poverty. People who escape poverty do so by freeing themselves of the culture and social connections that breed thinking that traps people: an escape not easily achieved.

Similarly, Christianity forms a social prison that superficially provides community, opportunities, and a lifestyle. Like all prisons, the culture of Christianity exposes people to inherent risks such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. The longer the exposure to Christians, the greater the danger.

The only way to mitigate this risk is to reduce contact with Christians. Don’t hang around them, don’t go to their events, and if you must deal with them through work and family, limit dealings as much as possible.


You should begin, if possible, involving yourself in groups that promote secular thinking and activities. For most Christian exChristians, finding independence from the Christian community is the most challenging task because indoctrination makes Christian community involvement seem necessary. Again, when they feel lonely, the Christian gaslighting kicks in and says, “It’s your fault you’re lonely. You chose this loneliness.”

More than just self-incrimination, Christian separatists often endure the direct gaslighting from their Christian “friends.” Any negative situation becomes an opportunity for Christians to make passive-aggressive accusations. “Maybe if you prayed more.” “Maybe if you went to church more.” Such statements reinforce the belief that you need Christianity, and a negative consequence exists for not believing.

Loneliness is a byproduct of leaving Christianity, and while unavoidable, the impact is temporary and can be lessened depending on your situation. The truth is that no matter where you live, even in the most god-fearing town in the Midwest, there is usually a small pocket of people who rebel against the indoctrination. Even without direct contact, plenty of online groups are available to help you transition away from Christianity. (See below.)

You don’t have to hang around Christians.

Christian Acquaintances

Christians are frighteningly sadistic people under the control of the philosophic disease of Christianity. At the individual level, we lose sight of the fact that the majority of Christians take no issue with a leader like Trump because he is speaking their racist, violent language. Individually, Christians tend to sound nice if not condescending, but they are generally not overt in their racist, violent tendencies until grouped. For many Americans, Trump’s election in 2016 and continued power over the GOP came as a shock because they far underestimated the abundance of racist, violent Christians.

Never trust a Christian!

Hold all Christians in suspicion because they will turn on you if they think you are somehow against them or their religion. At work, that annoying born again is the same guy who will report you for any minor indiscretion. They do this under the pretense of being a god-fearing Christian, but like all Christians, they are self-serving. Seemingly innocuous relationships with Christian workers or people in groups can often go completely awry when the Christian decides there is something to be gained by reporting you.

In towns run by Christians, Christians endanger people’s jobs and finances by bad-mouthing them. Individuals lose jobs all the time, unaware they are the victims of Christian gossipers looking to eliminate competition or even just to prove themselves good Christians.

When forced to deal with Christians through work or other groups, don’t discuss religion or anything personal.

Breaking Away from Christianity

The only way to break free of Christianity is to separate yourself from it. Most importantly, this separation must be a cognitive separation that involves breaking the indoctrination caused by Christian propaganda, Fox News, Christian values embedded in conversations, and many many other elements designed to force you to think like a Christian.

  • Read! The great enemy of Christianity is knowledge. This is why Christians want to control all education which shows just how deep the Christian fraud goes since they deliberately wish to make you stupid.
  • Resist! You don't have to voice your opposition, but you should always be mentally opposing anything told to you by Christians since they are trying to control you.
  • Plan your community and life. Christianity has a way of making people the victims of life by stealing their belief in control. Under Christianity, people tend to look at life as a series of circumstances magically produced by God rather than the result of some uncontrolled factors combined with proper decision making. Make goals for friendships. Make goals for self-improvement and education. You can exert a large amount of control over the people and circumstances in your life.   

Being connected with Christians increases the risk of their malevolence, not unlike hanging around drug dealers or other criminals. The more exposure, the more danger. It’s that simple.

There are many groups you can begin involving yourself which can offer relief from constant exposure to toxic Christians. This is especially helpful if you are trapped in a Christian environment. This list is by no means complete but merely a start:

American Atheists

Atheist Zone

Atheist Republic

Youtube has a tremendous community of Christian deconstructionists and atheists offering their experiences as guides for the exChristians.

You can often find groups on Meetup. Some areas are more difficult than others to meet likeminded people so don’t be discouraged if your journey takes some time.

A word of caution is necessary!

There are many predators out there who prey on people in need, most of them target Christians or new exChristians because they are the easy to prey on. For the exChristian, this danger worsens when building new community from Christians pressuring them to return to the flock or people spouting spirituality and other nonsense. It is easy to fall into this trap because these people often seem to oppose the Christian worldview but in reality they just mimic it

You can free yourself of Christianity. You have the intellect, will, and strength. You are not the flawed product of original sin but a being capable of making wise choices.

You can be free.  

Good luck!

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