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Hi everyone, how ya doin’?

Please remember as you read this that ANY declarative statement that includes the phrase “and stuff” at the end spoken to you by someone means you are socially interacting with a fuckin’ idiot.

That understood, I was thinking about how Medium seems to want us to be more interactive and stuff. I mean/they mean, not so transactional. I’ve heard this a few times and I certainly get it, as I am meeting more and more terrific peeps here. (“peeps” is groovy, 1990’s slang for peoples and stuff).

I am a flaming extrovert who loves attention and the spotlight, kind of like Trump only not a fuckin’ Nazi psychopathic racist piece of shit pandering to the bottom half of peeps living like slime balls on the sub-flooring of a rotting barrel of shit. You know who I mean, all the fascistic, stupid peeps and stuff. So, come to think of it, I guess I’m not really like that tangerine fuck-nut at all.

I AM meeting more and more terrific writers, brillant, young, gorgeous and smart as fuck and stuff. And seeing as how I’m not just “older” but genuinely fuckin’ ELDERLY (and stuff) I can play mentor and Emeritus Antifa to those of you who can put up with my ego. Ergo:

In the spirit of Social Media style shit: I wanted to tell you all, via this interactive opportunity that just last evening Patti and I watched Part 4 of Be Sweet, Obey and Pray. It is a fab documentary about Warren Jeff, a bug-eyed pedophile “prophet” doing multiple life sentences in Texas prisons for raping pubescent girls with their parents permission b/c, God and stuff. (“fab” BTW is 60’s shorthand for “fabulous”).

We also watched, in order to cleanse our souls of Warren’s devil stainage, Searching for Sugarman, an amazing documentary about Rodriguez, a saintly, in the truest, best sense of the word, poet and artist who you will idolize and adore and admire and never forget once you watch the film.

To conclude this social media styled, non transactional posting: I don’t have any pets right now. Our dogs got old and died. And I’m allergic to cats. And I’m not that interested in food and cooking or shopping or come to think of it, anything, really, except writing and re-learning how to play guitar, which you’ll never hear b/c I play just for myself.

Further, I dislike children and being around them, so a lot of standard Social Media stuff that peeps send out like pics of plates of food, kittens being cute, their stupid grandkids etc etc and on and on and stuff — I can’t help you with. But here we are socially interacting nonetheless.

The clickbait pic uptop is more to my liking. I like Patti and mysterious shit. And st . . . never mind, you know the rest already?

Okay here’s another pic I like b/c I can almost SEE you reading this and thinking deeply about our social media interaction:


you know,


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