My Anti-Antisemitism

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My Anti-Antisemitism

All “religion” is horseshit

Pretty much everything that falls under the Idiocy Banner of “Faith belief” and “religion,” especially in the world of the Abrahamic schools (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with an I.Q. higher than 79. That’s okay because in a democratic system everyone must have representation, including psychos, idiots and Nazi pieces of trash. This unfortunate downside of democracy is a simple reality. Still, it creates a lot of maddening ugliness.

But nothing quite matches the treatment of Jews by Christians throughout our known histories. This shit has been marching along for-fuckin’-ever and it totally baffles me. In fact I wrote a short poem with a link to a pair of headline stories on this very subject that hardly anyone saw so I’ll post it again here:

Here’s a thing relating to The dark history of American antisemitism.

I don’t understand antisemitism at all.
I know quite a few Jews.
one of them are stupid enough to loan me money
at ANY rate of interest.
Some of them are great friends
and all are totally un-involved in or appear to have benefited
in any way by J. Christ’s unfortunate
trial and its outcome.
I am Antifa & many of them are too.
Fuck anti-Semites (American or otherwise)
who are stupid and not
Christians but are simply unkind assholes.


Bonus Coverage: How America was not founded as ‘a Christian country’ based on ‘Judeo-Christian’ values —

Please think about morons in khaki pants and polo shirts carrying Tiki torches and chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

I mean, what the fuck!! ‘Merica, land of the free and home of the not always terribly bright.

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