Not Just Dumb: Christian Dumb

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Not Just Dumb: Christian Dumb

Calling Christians Dumb is for Their Own Good

Hello Christian Pollution members, we have survived another month of Christian stupidity. In July, we aimed the cannons at Christian liberalism that plays a significant role in undermining our lives and threatening the nation. Liberal Christians wonder why people are mean to them while they make claims so weighted with ridiculousness that listeners require a craniectomy to understand. “Liberal” Christians prove every bit as obstinate as conservatives, ignoring and deflecting rational arguments.

Breaking through the Christian worldview presents no easy task, requiring a multipronged, sometimes harsh approach. Benjamin Cain drew the rational sword against "The Emptiness of Liberal Christianity" while I fired the mortars of “half-wit” and “willful ignorance” into the Jesus bullshit brigade. Those ignoring Cain began their predictable defense, crying ad hominem, meanness, and hate speech at me.

So sad is the predictable behavior exhibited by the mind governed by Christianity.

If Christians want a reason why philosophers dissect their religion and critics call them idiots, look no further than Cain’s thought-provoking argument, sadly not given enough attention by the people who need to read it most. Liberal Christians, even worse than their ignorant conservative siblings, put on their Jesus blinders that confirm all their relativistic nonsense. Liberal Christians might be closer to atheists, as Cain comments, but only because their nonsense makes them appear that way. Christian liberalism is not a coherent doctrine evidenced by thousands of sects, evangelists, liberal Catholics, Liberal Protestants, varying degrees of Mormonism, and cults, to say nothing of each individual’s interpretation of the religion. More than incoherent, liberal Christianity fuels acceptance of the religion that justifies the racist evangelical the same as the liberal Catholic.

The Danger Promoted by Liberal Christians 

Founding life on a doctrine so malleable to justify anything makes the follower stupid, naive, or a victim of indoctrination. Do you know who else are victims of indoctrination?


So powerful a force is religious indoctrination that getting people out of cults often requires deprogramming, a controversial, often harsh method of forcing people to stop believing the religion. If you frame Christianity as a large cult of varying degrees of indoctrination, you quickly realize the need to call believers idiots and vehemently stab at their unfounded, irrational thinking to free them or minimally jar them into critical thought.

While not all Christians join dangerous cults, all dangerous Christian cult members are Christians.

Critics shouldn’t be surprised by the use of deprogramming methods, considering, as Terry Trueman points out in his article, “IMPORTANT UPDATE: Steve Bannon Freed From Trump’s BDSM Love Chamber . . . SO HE CAN GO TO FUCKIN’ JAIL!!!”,

Not Just Dumb Christian Dumb

Some Christians actually believe that Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus H. Christ.

Perhaps Charles Haines clarifies best what all Christians need in "God’s Wrath Doesn’t Exist, But His Believers’ Still Do the Dirty Work," his article imploring moderate Christians to deal with conservatives by “stop believing the lie. Strip them of their pretense.”

If liberal Christianity cannot fend against the growing fascist Christian conservatism, liberals provide no benefit. 

We’ll be discussing cultish aspects of Christianity more in August and providing more detailed articles concerning deprogramming Christians, but in the meantime, don’t let the Christian liberals convince you of their progressiveness in misused fallacies and false hate claims meant to shield them from critical confrontation. They are every bit as Christian and dangerous as their conservative brethren, both needing harsh deprogramming. Stay tuned!

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