Not quite news of the day...

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Not quite news of the day...

But maybe it should be . . .

This guy I never met but read about in a newspaper article, dropped dead from what was described as a “pretty serious stroke.”

That’s the way the article described what happened, “pretty serious.”

Yeah, I’d say so.

But maybe he went to heaven because he was a good guy and now he gets to hang out with Jesus and God and all the other good people for all eternity,

So maybe the thrust of the article is “don’t worry about it, don’t give it another thought.”

No biggy, that’s for sure.

Nothing to see here,

Nothing to think about…

I mean it’s not like the guy was driving into the north Idaho panhandle wearing a “Black Lives Matter” tee shirt.

Not quite News

Author wearing BLM Tee-shirt, closing in on dramatic pictorial message (Image from author’s personal collection, hopefully not LAST image!)



I guess I just hope that if anybody ever writes about my death that they will consider whatever killed me (whether a toothless, lunatic Idaho “patriot” or a stroke) that it was, at a bare minimum, more than “pretty serious.”

Not quite news of the day...

Author wearing BLM Tee-shirt, 3 wks before 2020 election, WHILE HEADING INTO NO. F*****G IDAHO!!!! (Image from author’s private collection, possible LAST image, EVER)

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