Nothing Says Stupidity Like Christian Purity

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Christian Warriors for Purity ~ Courtesy TikTok.

Christianity Overflows with Dumb!

Hello Christian Pollution members,
In August, I realized my neglect of Christian reporting, having overlooked the entire Christian Purity culture. Christian idiocy’s vastness seems to have overwhelmed me, causing an oversight of such obvious, magnificent stupidity.

Christian purity, like most things Christian, purports to be a beneficial ideology that actually affirms misogyny and inequality. The same Christians, Focus on The Family, lobbying against LGBTQ adoption, parenting, marriage, and other rights, explain Purity as,

Chastity is important because it involves how we comport our bodies — and through faith, our bodies are no longer our own. In faith, you have become part of Christ’s body, and it is Christ through the Church, who must give you permission to join His body to another body.

In the Christian worldview, we have no right to sex. The place where the Church confers that privilege on you is the wedding; weddings are specific acts that grant us permission to have sex with one person.

Amazingly, or perhaps not so amazingly, Christians buy this mumbo jumbo, and like most Christian beliefs, almost none obey them. Yet lack of adherence doesn’t stop hypocritical Christians from pretending to be pure with modesty standards or purity couched in ideas like saving the family from evil LGBTQ who are impure because of their improper vagina and penis use: a judgment completely non sequitur to good parenting or qualifying people to have families.

You might ask, “So what’s the harm in Christians wanting to give their bodies to Christ?”

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Christian Purity in Action!

A Christian man, empowered by stupid purity beliefs, claims girls’ swimsuits are too revealing for young boys, so he harasses them. Clearly, Christian purity has revealed its true purpose of making women responsible for the Christian family’s failure to raise a boy capable of controlling his sinful urges in the presence of girls dressed immodestly.

Do Christians even think about what they say? Obviously not.

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Another stupid Christian fighting for purity!

Because men are the family chiefs, the leaders of their women, Christian purity catalyzes thoughts minimally into misogyny and inequality, placing impurity’s blame on women.

Funny how you never see Christian women holding signs telling men to don shirts on the beach.

In the extreme, Christian purity promotes INCELs and rape culture that blame women for being immodest since they tempt men. Like many Christian beliefs, purity proves to be another tool of patriarchy that maintains women in service to men. And for those Christians angry at my “gross” painting of all Christians with the same brush, before you go getting your chastity belts twisted in screams about purity being an evangelical issue, keep in mind that Catholics refer to purity as “modesty” and profess the same bullshit, evidenced by Monsignor Charles M. Mangan in "The Forgotten Virtue: Modesty In Dress,"

The Catholic tradition has given us a valuable definition of modesty, which is the virtue that regulates one’s actions and exterior customs concerning sexual matters. It controls one’s behavior so as to avoid unlawful sexual arousal in oneself or others.

And Mormon Rules echoes the same nonsense,

Girls are encouraged to avoid short shorts and skirts, tight-fitting clothing, shirts that don’t cover the shoulders or stomach, or that are low-cut in the front or back. Though usually not an issue for guys, they are also encouraged to maintain modesty in their appearance.

Unsurprisingly, Christian modesty beliefs (purity) resound across the Christian and unChristian world. You don’t have to be a Christian to buy into the purity culture thinking that elevates men by turning women and girls into sexual objects, but the more fundamentalist, the more orthodox the adherence. This thinking perfectly explains why the risk of children becoming sexual assault victims increases in religious settings. The Truth Project Thematic Report on Child sexual abuse in the context of religious institutions reported, “The most common age range for participants to first experience abuse in a religious context was 8–11 years old (41 percent).”

What could be purer than a child?

As I said before,

Christians have such a bad problem with child sexual abuse that entire studies commit to researching the issue. Not only do Christians have this abundance of child sexual abuse, but the religion worsens the problem by hiding it for long periods.

Whether liberal or conservative, Christian purity proves harmful to many and contradictory to the so-called Christian morality.

In closing… We will discuss Christian morality further in future articles to be sure not to overlook ideas like purity. We slowed a bit in August, but with summer coming to a close, we will have plenty of winter days to huddle around the screen, warming ourselves with the fire of exposing Christianity.

We hope you had a great summer!

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