Say Goodbye to Summer, Christian Incel’s

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Say Goodbye to Summer, Christian Incell’s

No more sundresses for you 

Remember, good devout Christian men you may LOOK at the sexy girls in summertime dresses, appreciating their beauty and having only pure and spiritually healthy thoughts about them — but just a quick reminder: you’re FUCKED for all eternity if a lustful thought should cross your sinful mind b/c Jesus died for you two thousand years ago, for sins which you’d commit two thousand years later after you were born and stuff and reached puberty ... it’s complicated...


I looked out
at the trees
and saw the
wind caressing them
and decided that
nature needn’t be
defined solely
in terms of
big things trying to eat little things
and everything
trying to
fuck things
to make
more of themselves.

The branches,
some green and full of light
others covered in
pink or white blossoms,
pouty as lips and
not like that,
like sexy girls
in summertime dresses,
being touched and
caressed by a perfect lover
and every bit
as inviting
and seductive.

So anyway,
all I’m trying to say
is that looking a little bit
longer and closer,
if the wind
is doing
its job
with the trees,
and you can almost hear the girl’s
and this can make life
a bit more worth living.

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