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Sex and Love Etc.

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Sex and Love Etc.

This may all be bullshit or it may be that my seven decades of trying to figure this stuff out is finally paying-off. You be the judge.

Bukowski taught us
  The simplest phrasings
  Can be used
  To express the most complex
  Thoughts and feelings.
  Seems obvious doesn’t it?
  But after millennia of
  Great artistes using
  Elevated language to describe
  Simple shit, and
  The opposite
  Being so rarely employed
  Now it merits being said aloud
  And considered.
  Let’s look for example at
  Sex and love.
  These are
  NOT the same thing;
  They are both
  Almost always
  Better for the presence of
  One another
  Sometimes sex is about power and biology
  And often love is about
  Vulnerability and trust.
  The man wants to feel powerful
  The woman wants to feel protected
  When he can find his power
  Through his protections
  She give him something (preferably everything)
  He wants in return.
  And when she can feel protected
  While making herself
  Ever more responsive
  To his will;
  This is when
  Things usually work the best.
  The Viagra/Cialis
  Pharmaceutical ads
  For boner pills
  Show commercials
  Meant to obscure
  The most basic reality of
  Sex and love —
  From old grey-temple guys
  With classic cars
  Or macho jobs
  Or both,
  Or playing in a geriatric rock band;
  To an image of a New Age white collar Senior
  Sitting next to women 15 years younger
  In matching claw-foot bathtubs
  Almost like friendly strangers
  No lust
  No power
  No give and take,
  Holding hands,
  A glass of wine
  On a nearby table,
  As the sun sets in yellow and pink
  Not even looking at one another.
  This is all upside down
  If a man wants
  To get hard
  He has to feel
  Powerful —
  If a woman wants to feel loved
  She must feel
  Desired for herself,
  Boobs, ass, pussy, face,
  Lips, shaved legs and clean hair
  And attitude
  Absolute attitude
  That screams or whispers
  “If you take care of me
  I’ll take care of you.”
  Of course, I could be wrong
  About all of this;
  Maybe most women just want a guy
  Who’ll leave them alone —
  And maybe most guys want a woman
  Who’ll just nag
  And order them around,
  In bed and out
  But I doubt it.

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