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Yesterday I felt it again

I’ll be 75 years old on December 15th, and on Dec. 16th, I’ll be a day closer to 80 than I was the day before, closer to 70.

And yet yesterday, and a few more times recently, I’ve felt ashamed of myself. Sometimes undeservedly so. Most times richly deserved. Like Michelangelo said at 81, “I’m still learning.”

Yeah Mikey, me too.

But listen, I know that not many of us fail to realize that we’ll fuckin’ NEVER have it ALL figured out. We do our best to know more and more all the while knowing that for the new things we’re learning, some of the old lessons are being forgotten.

If you think the possibility of attaining wisdom in getting old is a guarantee,

Well . . .

It ain’t!

And if you’re paying attention, this is one lesson, you’ll feel and much as know.

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