Some of the most beautiful, loving people I know are Christians

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Some of the most beautiful, loving people I know are Christians

Christians are Loving & Beautiful People Because They Say So, Over & Over…

From Christian Emails

“Something must be wrong with you to make you hate such a beautiful and loving people.”
“Christians help many people because they are loving, beautiful, and selfless.”
“Some of the most loving, beautiful people are the Christians you condemn.”

Dear Christians,
Your unique, substantive messages strike me with such force I feel compelled to answer them but struggle for the right words. How could I ever answer such thought-provoking messages about Christians fueled by the sheer power of mimicry, not at all a bunch of morons patting each other on the back. No, Christian originality shines through what no one with half a brain could mistake for self-perpetuating propaganda with no basis in reality...


The evidence of Christian beauty and lovingness smacks you right in the face. Just look at the example of Christian adoption and foster care. For the beautiful, loving Christians, fostering is not about government money and indoctrinating vulnerable populations. Christian foster care and adoption are all about placing kids in the homes with families most deserving of those government checks and the opportunity to adopt — which, of course, are Christians!

Courageously, as reported by Maya Yang in the Guardian, Christians of the Holston United Methodist Home for Children denied foster care services to a Jewish couple after they signed up for a state-funded foster-parent training class and home-study certification process. The Christian agency was boldly honest, stating “Jewishness” as the reason.

Don’t believe for one second Christian beauty and love ends there! No, sir!

Bethany Christian Services changed their foster care placement policy in Michigan, fearing that their beautiful, loving Christian adoption and foster services would lose government funding simply because they discriminate against fags, lesbozs, and anyone else who violates their beautiful, loving Christian values.

The proof of Christian beauty and love never ends, and clearly, the likes of the Anti-Defamation League just want to destroy the beautiful, loving Christians by making outlandish claims like,

“Allowing a taxpayer-funded child placement agency to discriminate is outrageous. No child should be denied a loving foster or adoptive home simply because of a prospective parent’s religion, sexual orientation or identity.”

I now see the beautiful, loving Christians and understand perfectly why so many of you feel compelled to tell me the depth of your beauty and love.

Thank you🙏 ✝️

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