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Recovering the Salvageable Obnoxious, Losing Lost Human Detritus, As MAGA ever-so-slowly, fuckin’ dies

Watching the Hulu documentary “God Forbid” in the ugly threats of the midterm elections

T.S. Elliot, the great poet, hypothesized that the world would end, “Not with a BANG, but a whimper.” (slight paraphrase and caps on BANG are mine). This line was stolen and used, without attribution, towards the end of the terrific movie Wind River.

“Good poets borrow, great poets steal,” Another great line just now stolen by me but attributed to everyone from Auden to Roethke and in between.

Attribution, like absolution is an earned grace, a deserved offering for when it is indeed deserved.

How do we deal with our once beloved, then estranged, now striving for beloved-ness once again, family and friends who fell into the madness that was MAGA at its height? For those of you still in its grip who are almost assuredly NOT reading this anyway, this message is NOT for your crazy asses.

For me, the formula for my initial dealings with them was captured in this very short form poem:

When should we stop talking to people we find obnoxious?

With most of them,

my immediate answer is


For myself though,

there’s a pause, a Christian consideration

(despite my atheism)

of wanting to be kind, loving and thoughtful —

But here’s the reality —

When do we cut ’em off at the knees?

Fascists, racists and dopes?

Fuckin’ immediately.


not even a breath pause.

Jump right to


Just stop it.

But again, that was then.

There’re people I loved and felt loved by who I couldn’t or wouldn’t tolerate during their insanity, including those who thought I was the madman by my inability to see the magical, Christ-like powers of the Tangerine Imbecile.

As the Jan 6th committee and the Department of Justice move towards what will hopefully be the grinding horrors of justice for Trump, MAGA and their idiot lumpen proletariat, I intend to give a type of solace in forgiveness for folks who regain sanity.

Forgiveness? Yes.

Forgetting? Never.

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