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Calling All Sexy, Drunk Christians

When it comes to sex, none of us ever catch a break...There’re still ...
2022-10-21 13:43:50 -0700

Hey Christian Proselytizers, We Think About This Shit Too!

When an artist friend talking to me about her work suggests that, “Th...
2022-10-21 13:30:33 -0700

Say Goodbye to Summer, Christian Incel’s

Remember, good devout Christian men you may LOOK at the sexy girls in...
2022-10-21 13:02:53 -0700

Yes Christian Know-it-alls, This One’s For You

I’m looking at you Christian proselytizers as you spout metaphysical ...
2022-10-21 12:45:25 -0700

Christians Need NEVER Apologize

I rolled around recently and repeatedly, in a giant vat of lime-infus...
2022-10-21 12:25:47 -0700

Hey Fellow Christian Lovebirds

Blond Closely Tracked by Spirit of Yoko Ono: And could this be the re...
2022-10-21 12:09:53 -0700


Seattle Mariners are down to a magic number of 1!

2022-10-21 11:51:47 -0700


See the way she’s sitting? The overly casual draping of her hands acr...
2022-10-21 11:29:46 -0700

The Perfect KISS

It can only happen between two people attracted to one another and in...
2022-10-21 11:16:21 -0700

I Get It Trumpsters

Last night I dreamt that I was saying goodbye to Barack Obama, shakin...
2022-10-21 11:00:21 -0700

And Thusly, I Say Unto You, Algo. J. Rhythm See’s Me Riseth Above 2,999 Followers and Smites Me Mightily

My Seattle Mariners keep losing to shitty teams they should beat, and...
2022-10-21 10:50:25 -0700

I May Have A Deadly Breakfast Habit That’s Leading Me To Dementia

I May Have A Deadly Breakfast Habit

2022-10-20 11:22:09 -0700

Jus’ Spreadin’ da WORD

I guess this could be a joke . . .maybe . . . dunno — the little side...
2022-10-20 11:05:26 -0700

Why We Still Need to Worry About F&*kin’ Trump

50 Days ’til Election 2020 & now 2022 midterms are here!

2022-10-20 10:52:24 -0700

Some of my best friends...

I used to be able to say, proudly, that some...
2022-10-20 07:47:38 -0700

Psychopaths and Sociopaths: Mar-a-Lago Edition

One of the most common descriptors of serial killers, from their neig...
2022-10-19 15:35:50 -0700

Medium as Social Media for Interactions & Stuff

Please remember as you read this that ANY declarative statement that ...
2022-10-13 18:52:05 -0700

Facing Approaching Loss of a Beloved Pet

Some photographers take pics of graves. Some painters carefully rende...
2022-10-13 18:32:47 -0700

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