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Stinky Thinkin’ Sum Mo

If Christianity actually followed Christ’s ability to love the fat, u...
2022-09-28 12:27:35 -0700

A Christian Angle on Joyful Bitterness

Getting old, well, older anyway...
2022-09-28 12:16:54 -0700

Why Christians Needn’t Fear This Whole “Nuclear War” Thing

When the Bombs detonated, in D.C. and New Yo...
2022-09-28 12:04:03 -0700

When We Wish Our Dad’s Dead and Why?

My old man isn’t here to defend...
2022-09-28 11:47:58 -0700

Curated or Cremated? Why Not Both?

Christian questions? Please consider this: The existentialists have got ...
2022-09-28 11:20:30 -0700

Dear Baby Buddha in yer Manger

We all wanna live, for the most...
2022-09-28 11:11:20 -0700

Marriage is a tricky proposition.

Forever? Marriage is at least ambiguous.
2022-09-28 10:59:01 -0700

Gorgeous, Bare-breasted Woman Celebrating the Season of Joy

Even if you’re not, technically, a devout, practicing Evangelical Chr...
2022-09-28 10:51:07 -0700

Trump Bullying and Anti-Christian Ethics

A poem from before the election of 2016. As ...
2022-09-28 10:40:34 -0700

When Our Parents Have Died

2022-09-28 10:22:57 -0700

A Little Rant on The Christian Liar

There is such a great range of lying in the world.
2022-09-28 09:39:11 -0700


I’ll be 75 years old on December 15th, and o...
2022-09-28 09:24:03 -0700

If Christianity Was a Dame

Would you feel blasphemous towards her?
2022-09-28 09:07:15 -0700

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