The Anti-Vaxxer Deal-breaker, Is the Purest Deal-breaker Yet

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The Anti-Vaxxer Deal-breaker, Is the Purest Deal-breaker Yet

This is an absolute line in the blood-soaked sand

I can still love/like/respect (somehow, difficult as it is) GOP’s, even Trumpster-Morons, even stupid/ignorant Insurrectionist ass-hats who believe that the second-coming of fuckin’ Jesus H. is Trump. All of these are difficult to manage, but ultimately do-able.

But you Anti-vaxxers, you disease-spreading pieces of Q-anon Laura/Tucker/SeanH hypocritical fuck-nuts, NO, not you — For you, there is no room at the Inn and there NEVER will be.

I can be in the world at the same time as you but you’ll never, ever be able to beg, borrow, steal much less earn my respect. You are too fucked-up to deal with at all. Indeed, if there is any way by which I can avoid you, I will.

Regardless of the blank expression on my face, if I’m trapped in some space with you — ignore my look, my comatose affect, I’m tellin’ you, here and now and this will never change, You’re an immoral, selfish, fucked-up, disease-spreading sub-loser, loser. Like a serial child-raping malignant narcissistic evangelical psychopathic killer (only probably stupider). So, yeah, your anti-vax thing is a deal breaker — no more bowling league team memberships, pal.

No more backyard barbecues getting together over a couple dozen PBR’s.


No more.


Just, Fuck off b/c NO.

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