The Christian Spin of George Floyd & Gabby Petito

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The Christian Spin of George Floyd & Gabby Petito

The Christian Propaganda Machine

Christianity is an inclusive religion that mandates “spreading the Word” or evangelizing non-Christians, and one of the ways this philosophic disease proliferates is through propaganda. Every Christian is a willing or unwilling propagandist, indoctrinated with this cognitive cancer that tells them they are better than everyone else. In a majority Christian society, their propaganda shapes policy, law, and perceptions ­­– not for the better.

If you grew up in the US, you are polluted with Christianity regardless of believing the religion because Christian ideas and practices infect American society not just in words but in law and institutions. National Holidays, like Christmas, provide a clear example of the law accommodating Christians, which until recent decades, were almost entirely reserved for Christians. Throughout the US, many cities and towns are predominantly Christian, and living in this diseased environment makes one assume everyone is Christian. For this reason, Christians are prone to arrogance and ethnocentrism, offending non-Christians. I witnessed a Christian woman once quit Facebook after her many non-white and non-Christian friends became angry with her “innocent” talk about George Floyd and counter-protestors,

I understand why people get upset, but the counter protestors have their freedom of speech also.

Incidents like these are common on social media because all Christians become propagandists, willing or unwilling. Christianity’s indoctrination makes them believe freedom of speech is the real problem, not the Blackman having his life crushed out of him by the grinning white cop’s knee. No, Christians, in complete lack of critical thought, look to the charlatans and online trolls for the answers they need. From the pulpit or on social media, these Christian “leaders” make bizarre pseudo philosophical arguments to justify things like George Floyd’s death, most notably,

“If people didn’t commit crimes, police wouldn’t hassle them.”

“All lives matter.”

“There’s no systemic racism in the US — just bad personal choices.”

The mindless Christian accepts this information without question because faith dictates the truth. They repeat this nonsense to fellow Christians or anyone listening, thereby spreading the propaganda to form solidarity, not at all unlike the old Soviet Union party members referring to one another as “Comrade” and sloganizing capitalists as pigs. In the same vein Soviet propaganda sought to support party goals, so propaganda unifies Christianity with purpose.

The Goal of Christian Propaganda

Christian propaganda wraps itself in capitalism, patriotism, race, and purity with the only intent to undermine the liberty of all non-Christians and non-whites for economic gain. Why else would Christians take to arms when presented with Black Lives Matters? Why else would they elect a racist, narcissistic President?

Because willing or unwilling, aware or unaware, the Christian supports a system of financial gain and resource control that benefits them alone, primarily those at the top.

Evangelists and other charlatans must argue anything that detracts from this goal of maintaining power, explaining perfectly why Christians raise hell, not over George Floyd’s death, but the rioters breaking the law. Not Kyle Rittenhouse traveling across the country to become a vigilante, but because he was prosecuted for his actions. Anything that negates Christianity’s core ideology of capitalism, patriotism, race, and purity, the Christian must fight.

BLM is the enemy, not the police killing black Americans. Personal freedom and second amendment right are on the line, not Rittenhouse’s vigilantism.

Perhaps the most compelling view of Christian Propaganda comes from emotionally jarring stories like Gabby Petito’s murder. Clearly seen is the rally of the majority white Christian society to save the white woman or bring to justice her killer.

If this were not the case, missing girls of color would make the news.

Emotionally charged crimes, like Gabby Petito’s murder, Christian charlatans love using to present propaganda to rally and consolidate believers. Why else would Christians attack an idea like “missing white woman syndrome” when white women receive most media attention?

The Christian enrages over the tragedy of Gabby Petito, praying for the family, pressuring Christian police and Christian media who all react with indifference to nonwhites and non-Christians. Why? Because Christians are the propaganda machine’s automatons programmed by charlatans and Christian “news”:

According to critical race theorists, Petito shouldn’t be solely remembered as a victim of murder — she should also be remembered as a beneficiary of white privilege. Particularly, they believe she’s the latest major example of what they’ve termed, “missing white woman syndrome.”

“Missing white woman syndrome” suggests Western culture — and the world as a whole — reinforces white supremacy and white privilege by prioritizing missing white women over non-white missing women. It suggests racism is the basis for why missing white women disproportionately receive more attention than missing non-white women.

If you’re surprised critical race theorists would force supposed racism into Gabby Petito’s case, you shouldn’t be. Critical race theory is designed to identify the supposed role of racism in every facet of society. ~The Christian Post (Don’t worry; I took pictures because we know how Christians censor!)

No, it’s not the endless list of non-Christians and non-whites streaming across the missing person’s webpages that go unsolved; it’s all a fabrication of the critical race theorists. Now reveals the ugliness of Christian propaganda that uses murdered and endangered people to prop itself up and maintain power. Christian propaganda says, “It’s not systemic racism; it’s not the murdered Blackmen; it’s not missing or murdered non-whites and non-Christians. We would never act that way. We’re Christians! No, it’s the left, the liberals, and the critical race theorists who are the real problem.”

Only Christian propaganda could warp a mind into believing that desiring equal justice promised by law is a conspiracy against Christians.

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