The Complete Guide to Dating Christian Women

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The Complete Guide to Dating Christian Women

Guiding the Christian Woman Away from Whoring to Marriage

Christian dating has never been easier! Whether you’re a Pentecostal or a Presbyterian, you’ll be amazed by how easy the Lord made dating. What once seemed a complex ritual now has a detailed plan interpreted from scripture. Never mind all those dating services or books about relationships; that’s all atheist propaganda. God gave us a formula applicable to any Christian woman, showing just how simplistic a woman can be:

A good christian woman is already planning for her kids and family.

Simple enough, and as such, it is up to the man to lead that woman to the kids and family she is seeking because she would never find them on her own. Now, to lead a Christian woman, you need to be an upstanding Christian man who leads the way in his ability to be a responsible person. Let’s watch this wonderful video to learn more about Christian women’s wants.

Don’t bog yourself down with understanding a woman better or learning about her aspirations. You just need to know how to properly lead that Christian woman to marriage because that’s what the Lord intended.

However, you know how God loves to challenge Christian men, and the woman is not so easily led because she is inferior — even the best Christian women. For this reason, comprehending the true nature of the woman is imperative, and that nature is deceitful, like a succubus trying to steal your soul.

Just look at her, using her whoring!

Whoring Christian Woman

The woman will try to sex-you-up because she knows her whoring can lead the Christian man astray, not just in dating. Don’t think you’re safe once you married that Christian woman! Adam thought he was safe, and suddenly, he was living on the earth because Eve tricked him into eating the forbidden fruit. A woman’s desire to control a man through whoring is ever-present. Let’s listen to the insightful sermon from Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who explains the problem perfectly.

Fascinating! So we see Christian dating is not merely about getting married and having kids. No, dating is just an extension of a man’s responsibility to lead the woman. God has made it our mission to regulate them, and because the woman is at risk of whoring, dating and marriage become a balancing act between keeping the good Christian man’s soul from deteriorating into sin while leading the whoring woman to the family she desires.

That’s right! The woman is a weight of sin pulling the good Christian man down to hell, and to avoid damnation, we need to fight the desire for sexual pleasure that leads us to her control. Just as Rev. Peterson says, sex should be about making babies, not pleasure. Just get in and get out, so you don’t fall prey to the whoring.

There’s a real danger for the Christian man when he gives in to the whoring pleasure. I’ll leave you with this video to show you the living Sodom and Gomorrah. Stare upon the whoring that led these sinners to premarital sex, a mockery of marriage, and a homosex celebration. Stare at the evil and remember these images next time you want to indulge in sex with your girlfriend or wife.

We wish you the best of luck finding your good Christian woman! Join us next time, here at the Church of the Redeemed Whore, when we learn to take the homo out of sex.

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