The End of The United States

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The End of The United States

The madness that GOP/Pro-Trumpsters spout...

We’ve all heard it from people we thought knew better. People who should know better.

I’ve seen it argued here online and heard it from the mouths of so-called patriotic ‘Mericans:

“We’re not spozed to be a democracy . . .”

“We’re a constitutional republic . . .”

“The Electoral College . . .”

“But the constitution . . . THE CONSTITUION!!!!! . . .”

Let me clarify this for you: If the legal system, the rightwing conservative SCOTUS, overrides and overrules the popular vote of the people in the 2024 election, we will have civil war.

It may not be as hot a Civil War, in the beginning as the conflagration that ended slavery, fought between 1860 and 1865, but it will be WAR.

The End of The United States

We Anti-fascists will, indeed, insist upon it.

Trump’s efforts to paint us, Antifa, as terrorists is wrong. We are anti-fascists and prepared to go to whatever means necessary to stop this country from becoming a dictatorship: we will not be a nation ruled by a minority with nothing but contempt and dismissal of the will of the majority.

The End of The United States

This shit has to end.

It has to end with this election.

America IS a democracy (the form/structure of that democracy, at present, is a republic . . . as Ben Franklin was quoted as saying, “If you can keep it.”)

The surefire way to end this nation, this republic, is, whether by constitutional cherry-picking or other means, to deny the will and votes of the people and to instead re-install Trump and his corrupt, criminal, fascistic rule.

The people will rise-up and will reject any such unfair and unjust rulings. The SCOTUS, if it wishes to retain ANY respect of and by the people, had better realize this.

The Proud Boys and their ilk, rightwing revolutionaries and crazies, will be met with equal and greater power and we will defeat them.

If, as appears likely to be the case today a mere two weeks out from the election, that the results of the election are challenged in the courts, even if the vote-count shows an absolute intention of the majority of voters, and the SCOTUS rejects the election results and rules in favor of Trump/GOP. There will be civil war.

Expecting the constitution and the rule of law to save us is a mistake. Keep in mind that this same document allowed slavery, Jim Crow laws, the vicious and unfair treatment of native Americans, the prejudicial treatment of newly arrived immigrants and the incarceration of American citizens of Japanese descent to be interred during WW2.

There are myriad other examples of the constitution failing, only to eventually be corrected.

But the truth is that the constitution is only as strong as the SCOTUS court members who interpret its application.

Six of the nine SCOTUS judges are GOP-appointed and three of them by Trump. If they rule against the electoral will of the people, we will be far beyond “constitutional crisis” time.

We will be in Civil War.

The End of The United States
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