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The Genuinely Troubled Christian

Not Getting Drawn into Christian Nonsense

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I responded to someone from the LGBTQ community pondering if she were damned or was the Bible a lie. I would have passed but she seemed so hurt and my answer was to guide her through the info that led me to you. How do you respond to a seemingly genuine Christian wrestling with those issues? ~ S. Bell

Dear Reader,
Thank you for your question touching on two crucial aspects of uncertain faith and Christian propaganda. One of Christian Pollution’s hardest-to-achieve goals is to penetrate Christian indoctrination. Christian dishonesty caused by rationalizing beliefs to fit reality makes this objective arduous. Novice philosophers find themselves debating thousand-year-old arguments with Christians, rehashing the same issues over and over for this reason. While this might be good practice for the burgeoning logician, these arguments often advance the Christian cause by reflecting a seeming credibility inherent in their beliefs.

“People arguing my archaic ideas shows they hold merit,” goes the Christian thought.

Typically, Christians are less interested in winning debates than having them since they cannot prove God’s existence or their religion as truth. (Illustrating the deliberate nature of their lies.) I mention these issues because Christians often dishonestly post messages impersonating liberals, women, minorities, atheists, and other enemies to leave a trail of bias for fellow Christians to follow back to the church corral. They post messages like:

  • I am an atheist, but I see the wisdom in Christianity.
  • I’m a gay, Christian man and take offense to what you say.

These comments posted by Christians are not always random. Christian media companies and freelancers, paid by conservative Christian groups, troll social media. For those Christians who think this a farfetched scenario, they need only look at the wealth of Christian Social Media management companies. Churches and conservative groups, like the National Day of Prayer Taskforce, hire companies like FrontGate Social Media to build audience and market:

“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. In just three weeks, our Facebook page grew from 157,000 to over 204,000 (a 30% increase!).” – Jamie Stahler, Director of Strategic Communication, National Day of Prayer Task Force

I mention this because many Christian organizations don’t just hire companies to grow their Facebook page; they troll and bait people to create controversy or pull individuals into ridiculous philosophical arguments just to appeal to Christian readers. Many of these propagandists are skilled writers, and getting tripped up in their arguments is easy, especially when you think you are helping someone.

Nothing fulfills a troll more than playing the victim, gaining your sympathy, then turning the argument on you. (Again, illustrating the deliberate nature of their lies.)

With that said, if you think a person is a Christian honestly struggling with LGBTQ identity and faith, you should tell them the facts. Christianity is founded, by and large, on patriarchy, sexism, and binary views of sexuality. ANYONE believing in Christianity falls victim to the irrationality needed to convince themselves of the religion’s truth, no matter the sect or interpretation.

Are there liberal Christian groups that accept the LGBTQ? Yes. However, these groups are small compared to Christian populations that reject LGBTQ. For already being inconsistent, liberal Christianity provides even more challenges, like LGBTQ reconciliation of the Bible with their nature, making irrational thoughts much more likely. As I have said in the past concerning liberal Christians,

What is consistent amongst liberal Christians is the belief in Jesus, the bible, and God; however interpreted, and just believing Christianity perpetrates a fraud. Even if someone quietly believes Christianity and keeps this wisdom to themselves, they defraud themselves of better plausible beliefs. If they profess the religion as truth, they commit fraud. Worse than any other aspect, liberal Christianity is a fraud itself because it camouflages Christianity with diversity, credibility, and plausibility when it is actually an à la carte belief prepared from the same preposterous possibility.

I cannot see the value or benefit of Christianity for anyone in the LGBTQ community.

More often than not, Christianity is the indirect or direct source of their problems.


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