The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Pastor Christian T. Roll brings you the truth about AOC

Merry Christmas! As you can see, the Church of the Redeemed Whore is all ready for Christmas. Don’t you just love the baby Jesus? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t? I bet you’re wondering if there is a present for you somewhere in this nativity scene. There sure is. As a Christmas present, the Church of the Redeemed Whore brings you the truth about that lying socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or AOC.

AOC portrays herself as a politician of the people, making her rounds in the Bronx, going to a bodega to get breakfast before having drinks with friends.

This sharp, young, fresh politician appears authentic, but we Christians know better, and to put it simply,

The real AOC is an anti-Jesus socialist bent on destroying Christianity and the USA.

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez2

This Marxist wants you to believe,

If you lose your job, you shouldn’t lose your healthcare too. And if you get sick, you shouldn’t be put under a mountain of debt. Medicare for All guarantees healthcare to everyone, curbs costs, and improves long-term health.

Have you ever heard anything more preposterous!

AOC takes us for fools believing she has pulled the socialist wool over our eyes with claims of free healthcare. What kind of moron would think free healthcare could actually lower healthcare costs? What kind of imbecile would believe free healthcare would also increase life spans through preventative medicine that lowers the risk of chronic disease?

Not this Christian.

If you search her website, you’ll find she states the need to redistribute wealth to eliminate Jesus. That’s the kind of stupidity that occurs when you think like a socialist, like overlooking the fact that a longer lifespan means having to wait longer to see Jesus. What kind of crazy fudger would want that?

This anti-Jesus socialist doesn’t stop there; no, she wants to reward the lazy. Why should you work when you can just mooch off the state? That’s what happens when people don’t have Jesus to pray to; they become lazy good-for-nothings. Clearly, the Bible, Thessalonians 3:10, teaches us to only help people who work, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

That’s the Christian way!

This horrible socialist wants to take the dollars from Christians who break their backs to be productive. Imagine working hard and rising through the ranks of a company only to have AOC take your money. Think of those vulnerable healthcare executives and CEOs who could lose their pay. Just imagine not having CEOs because these men couldn’t be paid enough. What kind of hellish world would we live in with no CEOs?

AOC thinks she has the answer with her socialist policies aimed at redistributing wealth, and she boldly lists them right there on her website. Imagine poor CEOs and executives who fought their way to the top, now having all their hard-earned money taken away to pay for everyone’s laziness. Only a completely unchristian, power-hungry politician would seek such an outcome. We Christians hear you, AOC!

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez3

And I say,

In a just United States, our public housing should be a source of pride for our society and a place of comfort, safety and stability for residents. It’s up to us to make it happen.

Merry Christmas, heathens! Here’s your free house, along with your free healthcare. Maybe we should start handing out cars and earbuds so everyone can listen to their favorite band while driving to their state-paid doctor. What a nightmare! So as you eat your Christmas dinner, remember this one might be your last.

The Truth about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez4

This could be your next dinner.

This could be your next dinner.5

Merry Christmas! From the Church of the Redeemed Whore!

Join me next time and learn how racism is an atheist lie.

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