The Wacky World of Christianity Marches On

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The Wacky World of Christianity Marches On

Another Month of Christian Lunatics

Hello members! May was a crazy month that would make any sane person realize the danger of Christians, but we’re still here and growing in numbers, indicating there are many people still unaware of the Christian threat. That threat should have clarified for Americans when Christians edged closer to ending women’s reproductive rights with their zealot Supreme Court Justices, proving themselves liars once again.

Had someone told me in 1989 that Americans would be fighting a political civil war with a Christian-controlled GOP in 2022, I would have claimed they needed medicating. In hindsight, the problem glares in the underestimation of Christian zealotry. In many ways, the critically minded thinkers lacked preparedness for the scorch-the-earth politics Christians implemented, and few imagined theocracy posed a threat with the apparent decline in right-wing organizations like the KKK.

How wrong we were!

How wrong we were!

As an interesting point of history, one we will never forget, this problem of Christian oppression had many warning signs and people waving the red flag, some of them even Christians. In the aughts, concerned educators and Christian clergy members formed a site, Theocracy Watch, which still exists today, perhaps with even more urgency to read as it reflects the evolution of the Christian threat.

Theocracy Watch

Sadly, this level of collaboration to fight the right-wing threat has all but dissolved into a non-Christian vs. Christian war where the sympathizers and liberal Christians camouflage the perpetrators. If Roe vs. Wade didn’t reveal Christian collusion to the many people hesitant to lump all Christians together, then for certain, the tragic Texas School shooting that killed nineteen children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde did when Christian Governor Greg Abbott responded with the claim that tougher gun laws would not have stopped this new phenomenon of school shootings, stating,

“The reality is, I don’t know the answer to that question,” he continued. “However, what I do know in talking to the leaders here, as well as leaders and other locations around the state, and that is one thing that has substantially changed is the status of mental health in our communities. What I do know is this, and that is we as a state, we as a society need to do a better job with mental health.

Quite the epiphany from a Christian leader who led the charge to have the Ten Commandments on display at the state capital, defended a same-sex marriage ban, and most importantly, fought multiple lawsuits with the Obama administration to have the Affordable Care Act invalidated. Abbott’s response is a typical Christian lie in which he says one thing while doing the opposite. Abbott and other Christian leaders have no desire to provide anyone with mental healthcare, evidenced by their unwillingness to support even basic healthcare. 

What kind of Christians wouldn’t want to supply people with necessary healthcare?

Governor of Texas

Sadly most of them, because in the bizarre Christian world, free healthcare means the entire country will immediately become a baby-murdering, communist, Jesus-hating nation. How rational people don’t see this Christian problem is beyond me. Every day another political loon makes some point only a crazy Christian could understand, like Rep. Paul Gosar, who responded to the Texas tragedy by blaming an innocent person, declaring the shooter a “transsexual, leftist, illegal alien,” and claiming the government planned to confiscate all guns.

Rep. Paul Gosar, who responded to the Texas tragedy by blaming an innocent person, declaring the shooter a “transsexual, leftist, illegal alien,” and claiming the government planned to confiscate all guns.

I would like to say I was shocked by his response, but insane claims of Christian leaders have become routine.

Time continues eroding the line between “good” and “bad” Christian, revealing complicity between all Christians, whether deliberate or accidental. While this revelation continues to elucidate for many people, the clarity’s benefit offsets with the increased oppression needed to achieve this perspective. Hopefully, those who struggle with blaming Christians will soon see the light.

In the meantime, Christian Pollution expands its struggle with Benjamin Cain ’s philosophical insights into “Christianity’s Gross Expropriation of Judaism,” a fascinating read concerning Christianity’s “appalling nature” that led to its ascension at the expense of other religions and cultures. Fighting the Christian oppression dictates understanding the religion’s essence, the thing Christians don’t want you questioning, and Cain delivers a healthy dose of that truth.

Terry Trueman also produced some notable pieces this month, with his discussion “Creativity,” questioning faith and the depth of a person’s creativity when they know all the answers. I also recommend the piece “The American Authoritarian Impulse.” Trueman shines a light on the Christian Americana soul that has elevated the evangelical who might doom us all.

In June, I will be publishing new articles for helping people dechristianize. Not believing in Christianity is only the first step toward freedom, and these articles help identify the many ways Christianity seeps into our beliefs in the Christian-dominated society.

This coming month Christian Pollution hopes to add a few more experienced writers. We are seeking diverse voices of the LGBTQ, women, and different races.

We are seeking diverse voices of the LGBTQ, women, and different races.

If you have strong writing skills, a unique voice, and some original ideas concerning Christian issues, we have a place for you. Please feel free to introduce yourself and include your profile link via my website.

We thank all our readers, and if you are not yet a subscriber sign up. We appreciate and need your support. Thank you!


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