Trump Bullying and Anti-Christian Ethics

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Trump Bullying and Anti-Christian Ethics

People calling themselves Christian and MAGA/Anti-Vaxxers are insane

A poem from before the election of 2016. As true and truer today than it was then.

I got tricked,
or I should say
I tricked myself
into believing
that my fellow citizens
had changed from the
idiocy and cynicism
of Ronald Reagan
to some kind of decency
and goodness by the election
of Barack Obama.

But now Donald Trump
with his blatant, overt,
in your face
mocking of the disabled,
not a single
thing about him
suggesting that
he has a single fucking clue
about how to govern,
(not to even
mention his con man
has stepped
into Reagan’s
as the nominee
of the Republican Party
(they love to call themselves
The “Party of Lincoln,”
absent even the slightest
of how ridiculous, inaccurate,
and ironic
that misrepresentation is).
I got tricked
or I tricked myself
into believing
our country
could function.
But I get it now:
whether Trump wins
or loses,
my capacity for
deluding myself
is over.
We Americans
are, and likely always
will be,
as capable of willful ignorance
as we are of finding
the better angels of our natures.

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