Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

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Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

The end is near . . . we sure hope so!

The Anti-MAGA

Remember that time Donald J. Trump was asked if he felt he belonged on Mt. Rushmore? It was back a few months ago, around the 4th of July.

His answer helped me understand him and his kind of difficult situation.

One of the big challenges to being the most powerful and recognized man in the world, one of the hardest things I’d imagine, is the fact that you have to have, or at least should have, some referential knowledge. You should know some stuff.

Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

A 3rd term maybe? Why not Emperor for Life

Trump Rushmore

The Donald on Mt. R? Is there room enough?

You should be able to understand at least a few tiny things that you can tap into on the fly, along with an ability to make apparently difficult and tangential connections between disparate subjects/items/and concepts.

This is called intelligence or “being smart.”

I’m sure this can come in handy if you are being chased around by media all day being asked questions about Thigh-land and Yo-semite Park and preening and trying to sound oh-so-in charge of your mental capacities.

Donald is 72. At this writing, I’m 72 also.

He’s called himself a “very stable genius.” And, near as we can tell, he actually meant it; he was serious!

I’ve called myself “A frequently confused kind of a jerk.” (I mean it too).

But when Donald was asked about this Mt. Rushmore thing, he went into a truly incoherent ramble about personally bringing back a big fireworks display that had been cancelled. None of us should have been much surprised.

He was unsure why they had ever cancelled it. “Maybe because people were afraid the rocks would catch on fire?” he speculated in what might have been his attempt at rapier wit or might have been a sincere belief, one can never tell with Donald.

Many people I know, some anyway, okay, a few, think Trump is terrific. They love him. They plan to actually vote for him every chance they get — and I plan to avoid talking to them ever again if possible.

Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

And the value of a good Dental Plan

Most of them probably think he belongs up there on Mt. Rushmore, and most of them can’t name at least one of the figure-heads immortalized there, they can get Lincoln b/c of the penny and Washington b/c of the dollar — but the other two guys? Ummmm? Uhhhhh?

I seriously doubt that Donald recognizes those other two guys either. Like his supporters he’s really pretty stupid.

Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

Application pic for re-election

His ignorance is really kind of amazing. Take his encyclopedic knowledge of the Holy Bible (he just doesn’t like to discuss it, the bible, because it’s “personal and private.”)

Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ

Holy guy, you bet, here’s proof!

I wish someone would ask Donald what he thinks of Jesus Christ’s thoughts on that “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” thing. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that he’d say he and Jesus were on the same page?

“Maybe people are afraid that the rocks will catch on fire.”

I get it Donald, I get it.

It’s tough when the kids should take away the keys to the limo and the codes to your nuclear softball. But what the hell, you’ve had a great run.

America in our prime found some way to embrace you, our POTUS, setting rocks on fire

Let me make clear, there are many aspects of Trumpian rule that are pretty maddening and they don’t need to be carved in stone for anybody with an I.Q. higher than 62 to see them.

P.S. Btw, it’s Teddy R. (in the glasses) and T.J. (big reader and slave-rapier) & J.C. was against the “eye-tooth” thing saying it “shall be no more” and that he had a new, better plan.

But of course Donald and the two Corinthians knew this . . . sure they did.

Trump, Rushmore and The Burning Stones of Christ
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