Tired of Christianity? Sick of struggling and feeling you endure constant lies? Do you feel like something is wrong with your faith and Christian beliefs? Perhaps it is the hypocrisy eating at you, maybe it is the demand to accept unrealistic ideas to be considered Christian, or possibly it is the sense of these values doing nothing to improve your life that bothers you. You are not alone! Millions of Christians and nonChristians feel the religion's pain, internally and externally.
Welcome to the Christian Pollution!
The time is now to take back control of your life.

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Every Christian Pollution writer criticizes Christianity using their skills and style. What one author claims may not represent another.

Vincent Triola Author & Poet

Vincent Triola

Vincent Triola is a content writer, novelist, and poet who exposes Christianity using research, polemics, and satire.

Terry Trueman Author & Poet

Terry Trueman

Poet and award-winning author, Terry Trueman wields his unique humor and writing style to draw attention to Christian issues.

Pastor Christian T. Roll

Pastor Christian T. Roll

The voice of opposition to Christian Pollution. "There wouldn't be a Christian Pollution if you heathens prayed to Jesus more!"