Alcoholics Anonymous Helps Millions!

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Alcoholics Anonymous Helps Millions!

AAs Lie Like Any Other Christians

Email from Twelve Stepper

Just another writer trying to get attention by attacking AA. The program helps millions of people a year recover from alcoholism and fix their lives. There are so many real issues in the world today and you attack AA. How pathetic. ~Twelve Stepper

Dear Booze Christian,
Thank you for proving my theory that AA Christians in the Church basement vary little from the Christians upstairs, both fabricating truths to serve their bias. 

Perhaps your homegroup could suggest to the church a combined meeting where everybody takes turns making up statistics to prove their respective church or fellowship (same thing) perform great deeds.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Sure, it might be perceived as a violation of traditions and blur the line between fellowship and religion, but no more than sitting in a church basement praying to God, turning your will over to God, and confessing all your sins (character defects) to that God.

Maybe working with Christians would allow AAs to boast about helping even more millions of people. I say “boast” since we know AA does not help millions of people and never has done so. Obvious statistic denies this claim.

AA sells approximately 1 million copies of the Big Book annually, which every AA must use to get sober. Some studies claim AA has a 5% success rate, others show as high as 20%, and giving AA the benefit of the doubt with 20%, we can reasonably say that AA helps 200,000 people per year (so much for millions per year) but comes with the following caveats:

  • All books were purchased by or given to members, not sitting on shelves waiting to be sold at intergroup headquarters and meetings. All institutional sales must have been resold or given to alcoholics.
  • All 200,000 people used their Big Book and never needed another one, meaning no one lost their book or relapsed.
  • None of the 200,000 AA recipients threw their book in the trash after not reading it, never returned to AA, and never drank uncontrollably again.

Ignoring the fact that seventy percent of alcoholics and addicts recover on their own, never attending treatment, we estimate AA might help 200,000 people per year, which is unlikely, given that a twenty-percent success rate is extreme, and those who receive Big Books do not always recover. Everyone who obtains a Big Book recovering is about as likely as everyone owning a Bible believing in God.

Perhaps you should learn more about your religion.


A derivative of an old joke.

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