Christians Raged, But We Said, “Fuck ‘em’!” & Published Anyway

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Christians Raged, But We Said, “Fuck ‘em’!” & Published Anyway

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities

Christians spewed hostility, some prayed for our destruction, others wept, but most just mindlessly went about their business, hoping we would go away like they do with all their problems.

We didn’t!

Many questions arose since the start of Christian Pollution less than a year ago and feeling the need to make the truth about Christians more accessible, we organized some of our originally published articles in an easy-to-read eBook.

There comes a time in the life of every artist when we must look at what we are doing and decide whether or not our approach is best aligned with who we are and what we wish to accomplish.

Social journalism is great fun; the ease of using it, the people I’ve met here (at least virtually), new friends, and other writers, all of this filled in better than any other source of and for creative outlet.

But even good things change.

Vincent V. Triola and I collected pieces we previously posted on Christian Pollution and made as an e-book and paperback.