Katherine Stewart’s “The Power Worshippers”

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Katherine Stewart’s “The Power Worshippers”

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Katherine Stewart’s “The Power Worshippers”

Katherine Stewart is a journalist, author, and public speaker, but more than these attributes, she is a watchful mother concerned about her son’s school that fell into an angry divide caused by an evangelical group that skirts the law separating Church and State to proselytize to children. Her first book, The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, opens the door to this important work, The Power Worshippers, in which Stewart tells the story of Christian Nationalism’s growing danger, taking readers on a journey from the growth of Catholic Hospitals, which limit women’s autonomy in healthcare to the growing worldwide Christian fundamentalist groups powered by affluent families and corporations.

This is no conspiracy book!

Stewart has traveled, researched, and suffered religiosity to bring you clear evidence of fundamentalism’s erosion of democracy and personal freedom. Perhaps more potent than evidence, Stewart shows readers how Christian fundamentalism grows like cancer within institutions such as the Judiciary, bending laws in the name of religious “liberty” to codify and enforce religious prejudice.

Who are the fundamentalists who managed to get a clearly racist President elected and stack the Supreme Court with members? And what is their goal?

Katherine Stewart’s brave novel provides the answers which should scare anyone living in the free world.

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