Memories of Emily

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Book cover for “Memories of Emily” by Vincent Triola

How religion, classism, beauty, & religion intersect.

Memories of Emily is the story of the Man and his minions enforcing a system that rewards and elevates children based on physicality, affluence, and attractiveness while relegating the “less-thans” and “undesirables” to the lowest positions.

Memories of Emily is the tale of the Army of Simone de Beauvoir battling for freedom from a culture entrenched in homophobia.

Memories of Emily is an indictment of a capitalist-polluted education system, freewheeling in bureaucratic inertia.

Memories of Emily is literature’s living memory founded on fragile truth strengthened or destroyed by beauty’s power.

Memories of Emily is the story of salvation, even if she is just a dream.


I know how a kid becomes motivated to shoot up a school or commit suicide.

The author clearly draws distinctions between the abused and unabused, using the family lives of characters and drawing distinctions with the fake people or posers.

This book changed my view of bullying and how society endorses oppression.

From the Author

Written in 1989, Memories of Emily began as a children’s book but evolved into a multi-thematic hexology. As my first novel, Memories of Emily remains a cherished work because of the period written when many childhood memories remain fresh with hurt. I don’t believe capturing the raw emotion would be as easy today. Despite the effort and heart poured into Memories of Emily, many attempts to publish proved futile since none of Literature’s Pimps felt her worth whoring.

Fuck them.

If you want to understand how hate manifests in children, this book will show you. If you felt less than everyone else, this book will let you know you were not alone. If you felt crazy or paranoid because people claimed you were the problem, this book reveals the gaslighting.

Memories of Emily is for the wounded, the abused, but most of all for the kid cast away. (Read the Fragments)

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