More Revealed by Ken Ragge

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More Revealed by Ken Ragge

Exposing the Religion of AA

More Revealed

Born out of a desire to create a “First Century Christian Fellowship,” the history of AA begins as a pseudo-Christian religion, the Oxford group, bent on what the original members perceived as the God cure: “The secret is god control. The only sane people in an insane world are those controlled by God.”

AA started as an offshoot of Christianity and continues operating that way today while being foisted upon sick people suffering from addiction. If you or someone you know suffers from addiction and struggles with AA and the Twelve Steps, this book is for you.

Ken Ragge’s More Revealed journeys the reader from AA’s beginning through government involvement to show an organization damaging to the individual and society. Learn how the AA pseudo-Christian religion pollutes science and healthcare and how you as a taxpayer support this pollution.

***Note: This book is currently out of print, but copies exist on Wayback Machine, eBay, and Amazon.

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