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Trolling for Jesus

Corralling the Christian Sheep 

Years ago, a Christian troll, Robert O Adair, haunted the site, Associated Content, posting jargon-filled articles with ludicrous ideas, and unsurprisingly, he had a respectable following of illiterate Christians. Of course, as an atheist, I made the mistake of writing an article about the cosmological argument and became the target of his rage, which eventually ended my relationship with Associated Content. Associated Content, at the Christian troll’s behest, removed many of my articles, claiming I attacked his religion. Pointing to his attacks on me and atheism did not dissuade their censorship policies, which they affirmed by stating, “We are comfortable with our policies.” Why wouldn’t the publishers feel comfortable with such Christian commenting, like his introduction,

Does it ever occur to you that the victims of your solipsistic, nihilistic, intellectually bankrupt anti-philosophy might deeply resent it? You pride yourself on being logical, but logic, based on the rational intuitions of the human mind, is simply an accidental phenomena like having a lot of warts. You can’t refute the Cosmological argument, except of curse by dishonestly misstating it as cracker barrel philosopher, Bertrand Russell did. If I ever became an Atheist, I would never admit it, because I would be so embarrassed to be in the midst of such savagery and foolishness. Message from- Robert O Adair ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

In an attempt to answer Adair, I posted this rebuttal,

Robert, to answer your question as to whether it has ever occurred to me whether individuals resent my thinking, the answer is ‘no’. As well, that ‘no’ is also multilayered in the idea that I am not a nihilist, I do not believe in Solipsism, and I do not believe that my thinking is founded on intellectually bankrupt anti-philosophic contemplations. It is interesting that you pride yourself in philosophic discourse but yet make huge unfounded assumptions about my beliefs based upon the fact that I am an atheist. The assumption that as an atheist I must be solipsistic, nihilistic, and abide by an intellectually bankrupt anti-philosophy shows a true lack of critical thought. If you had read more of my articles you would realize that these assumptions are very far from the truth…

I discuss for some time the cosmological argument and atheism.

…Robert, in the future I would appreciate it if you could contain your arguments to logical debate and not resort to ad hominem attacks, hasty generalizations, and appeals to ridicule. I, without censorship, will publish any debate that you wish to continue. However, I will not waste my time with irrationality or unfounded claims. ~ Originally posted by me on Associated Content 2010.

From here, commenting devolved into the absurd, with Robert going full Christian crazy with my refusal to take part in the debate,

The only people impressed by your Illogic are nincompoops like you. 1. Get some integrity, you have none. 2. Study logic, you don’t know anything about it. 3.You can’t be nice because you are a vicious, hate filled fanatic, devoid of reason. 4. You are not only dishonest with others you are dishonest with yourself, you can’t face the fact that you have no idea what you are doing. And by the way, what education? You have already made yourself look like the fool you are in many articles. Besides having several earned doctor’s degrees, I am a graduate of The School of Hard Knocks, one of the courses there was Put Up Or Shut Up. Too bad you missed it! Message from- Robert O Adair ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

For weeks, Robert posted on all my articles insulting attacks against me, atheism, and evolution. Being transparent, I did answer some of his comments calling him out as a fraud,

You have continuously stated that I do not know what I am talking about but yet have offered nothing to refute any of my claims. But isn’t this the trick with people like you Robert? You attack everything that doesn’t jibe with your zealot claims. You have continuously redefined words in order to suit your ends and then insinuated that anyone who does not think the same as you is uneducated or as you say “…lack the intellectual tools necessary for your task.”

The truth is that you have no real argument. I have searched your articles and I cannot find a single article in which you espouse a coherent argument for any of your beliefs much less the cosmological argument. Furthermore, you make a reference here and there to certain philosophers yet cite nothing as proof for your accusations. Make no bones about it accusations are all you make. You have yet to write a real discourse anywhere on AC expressing your view of why people should believe in God or your proof for God.

But again this is all part of the con. You are a Sophist, specious reasoner. You use your vocabulary to distinguish yourself as a scholar but in truth you are just manipulating those who do not know any better. ~ Originally posted by me on Associated Content 2010.

These responses infuriated him.

Well, well, as usual you are irrational, inconsistent and incoherent. I have several earned doctor’s degrees, highly relevant to this discussion. They represent serious academic study. I did not buy them from a diploma mill as you pathological liars say I did. But I have also done many other things besides that in the real world of business and adventure. The combination of The School Of Hard Knocks and academic study is something I highly recommend. You never directly answer any arguments I present because you are intellectually bankrupt. I am very pleased to see an ignoramus like you share his stupidity with the world. That is why the evolutionist myth is being defeated in the free market of ideas. The prostitutes walking the streets have more of an idea of integrity. than you do. I can’t tell you to get lost because you already are in several sense of the word. Message from- Robert O Adair ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

On and on…

How do fail to understand that you can’t be a pathological liar and receive my respect. Arguing with you is like playing cards with someone who habitually cheats! GET LPOST! Message from- Robert O Adair ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

The situation’s comedy soon turned to anger when Associated Content removed most of my articles along with any revenue. Though religion always annoyed me, this incident revealed Christianity’s danger overlooked in assumptions of harmlessness. Not only had I underestimated the willingness and strength of Christians to censor, but I also failed to see the loyalty of the Christian followers who thought Robert, a wise man,

Dr. Robert O. Adair is one of the most highly intelligent, well educated man I have ever read. Let me assure yuo anyone who reads his articles will not be told wrong. He looks in to articles he writes with scrupulos research. It does not come from the top of his head as some writers do. It would do you well to really read what he writes before making your respones. In other words think first slowly so you can understand him better. Message from- Robert O Adair’s followers ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

They went on and on praising him,

Robert O. Adair is the most intelligent, educated man I have ever read. If you have a problem with him you don’t know what you are talking about. It would do you well to learn from him instead of finding fault. Message from- Robert O Adair’s followers ~ Originally posted 2010 on Associated Content.

They would be comical if not so tragic. To anyone with reason, Robert is a fraud trolling for Jesus. His credentials, though meant to sound impressive, even sound like a con,

I have spent over 50 years doing extensive study, writing, teaching and research: Th.D in theology, Indiana Christian University; Ph.D. in Philosophy of History, Honolulu University; literature, St. Charles University. Membership: Central Indiana Writer’s Association, Fellowship of Christian Poets, Evangelical Theological Society, Lifetime member Society of Christian Philosophers, Lifetime member of Mensa. Profile of Robert O Adair ~ Originally on Associated Content.

St. Charles University exists somewhere between Hogwarts and the Beauxbaton’s Academy of Magic. Honolulu University is an unaccredited school sued several times for making false claims of accreditation, and Indiana Christian University changed names so many times I couldn’t locate it. To any normal human, Robert was a liar and fraud, but to the Christians, he was brilliant, which speaks volumes about the effect of Christian theology on critical thought.

Robert wasn’t trying to convert people because he couldn’t convert anyone with an ounce of rational thought. Robert illuminates the Christian troll’s intention to corral the Christian sheep and keep them from straying from the flock by using jargon and pretending he is a scholar making a point. More importantly, he uses hate-speech policies to shut down opposing viewpoints, and stupid companies like Associated Content abided in a desire to not offend people. In their haste to be politically correct, their censorship accomplished the Christian troll’s goal, and the sheep were none the wiser.

Today, the Christian Troll’s goal is the same, using social media to herd the illiterates and ignorant believers away from critical thought. He is a reminder of religious indoctrination and a shepherd warning the wide-eyed gullible Christian of the nonbeliever wolf. The worst thing we can do is engage the Troll because your responses affirm to the Christian your adversarial nature. Engagement also distracts us from important tasks like reading and writing to expand critical thinking. Worse yet, you may lose money or privacy.

After arguing further with Associated Content and having more articles removed, I posted once more before taking my articles to Think Atheist, where they never gained traction again in search results. Below is the last article concerning Robert Adair, which was also promptly removed, perhaps justifiably, but I am small and petty, so fuck the Christian Trolls.

The Adair Institute

Old shack falling apart.

Welcome, to the Adair Institute for Higher Learning! Join us as we take education into the future.

Blackboard says, “Monkey + Man = Atheist” and “Jesus good; Satan bad” and “Darwin Sucks.”

Our goals at the Adair Institute are founded in logic as a rational institution of the mind, denoting a necessary connection with God. Our curriculum forms around this concept to build well-rounded thinkers who uphold true science and faith.


The Adair Institute strives for objective philosophic discourse to develop critical thinking skills. We realize the heart of quality reasoning is unbiased education.

The Adair Institute strives for objective philosophic discourse to develop critical thinking skills. We realize the heart of quality reasoning is unbiased education.

Old computer, television, bottle of booze, and other useless items hooked together to make a radio to contact Jesus.

The Adair Institute is not merely a school but a cutting-edge technology development campus, bringing the world Creationist Technologies. Soon to stun the world, Jesus Radio will provide a direct conduit to our savior.

Monkey holding can of “Atheist Away” and standing beside a large chemical tank filled with “Industrial Strength Atheist Away.”

Using our vast knowledge granted by the Lord, the Adair Institute uses chemistry to combine philosophical discourse with aerosols, developing powerful tools to defend our faith.

 Three men fighting in lederhosen with crucifixes and bibles.

Physical fitness is necessary for a well-rounded student, and the Adair Institute offers many courses meant to exercise the soul and body. Join us in a round of the ancient art of Bible Thumping to promote health and a clear mind.

 Jesus floating in space.

The Adair Institute. A school for big-time smartness.

Jesus Fish

All photos by the author.

Originally Published in 2010 & December 1, 2021 on Christian Pollution Exclusive

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