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Books to Choose From:

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities

Christian Pollution Polemics and Absurdities

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities spotlights negative aspects of American Christianity. Christians have long blamed minority Christian groups for their religion’s more racist, violent, and theocratic elements. In truth, many mainstream Christian sects share these same beliefs and seek enforcement of them through the law, yet Christians continue to claim these elements do not represent Christianity.

Christianity’s misrepresentation stems from its practitioners’ misuse of philosophy to indoctrinate and convert believers by deliberately presenting Christianity’s possibility as though it were plausible, even unarguable. This dishonesty allows the religion to weave itself into the fabric of US law, oppressing individuals in a growing nationalism. We expose these irrational beliefs polluting society that allows Christians to dominate US culture and government.

This collection of writings provides a pragmatic and honest look at Christianity, absent the academic and philosophic pretense that Christians have hidden behind for far too long. The growing cancer of Christian Nationalism presents a clear threat to democracy. We ask you to look at the nonsense of Christian pollution through polemic arguments and examples of its absurdity.

Memories of Emily

How religion, classism, beauty, & religion intersect.

Memories of EmilyMemories of Emily is the story of the Man and his minions enforcing a system that rewards and elevates children based on physicality, affluence, and attractiveness while relegating the “less-thans” and “undesirables” to the lowest positions.

Memories of Emily is the tale of the Army of Simone de Beauvoir battling for freedom from a culture entrenched in homophobia.

Memories of Emily is an indictment of a capitalist-polluted education system, freewheeling in bureaucratic inertia.

Memories of Emily is literature’s living memory founded on fragile truth strengthened or destroyed by beauty’s power.

Memories of Emily is the story of salvation, even if she is just a dream.

Stuck in Neutral

Stuck in NeutralComplicated topics, such as death, euthanasia, or any existential considerations, challenge teachers when educating students. Making this education more difficult is the lack of reading materials that present these topics objectively and free of religious influence. Terry Trueman’s Stuck in Neutral provides this objectivity while still packing the emotional punch that makes literature worth analyzing.

The book’s themes challenge readers to understand disability from both the disabled child’s view and the family. This difficult task required Trueman to write a story that children could readily understand while challenging them to evaluate ideas many adults struggle to grasp.

Winner of the Printz Award, Stuck in Neutral underwent a battle to find its way into classrooms across the US after accusations of the material being too strong for children. Trueman defended his book before the Wisconsin school board, which allowed the book’s reading and would become required reading in Special Education classrooms.

The Epic Short Stories

The Epic Short Stories

Trigger Warning: Epics are not good reading for religious zealots, especially Christians, sexually uptight pricks, or stupid people.

When Vicente dies and goes to heaven, little does he know the adventure is just beginning in a universe filled with mortals, superheroes, villains, and angels. Follow the adventures of Vicente as he moves between the heavens and earth to carry out God’s will. Somewhere between Aesop and Hugh Hefner, Vicente drives home a heartfelt and powerful moral ambiguity. Using his vast knowledge of YouTube, cable television, internet porn, and comic books, Vicente hammers away at the social issues plaguing the world. !Contains a lot of adult content!

Inside Out

Inside Out

In a busy coffee shop, a robbery goes wrong. Two gunmen hold seven hostages, including teenager Zach Wahhsted. What nobody realizes at first is that Zach is anything but ordinary and his troubled mind is more dangerous than any weapon.

Terry Trueman has created a compelling character with the same shocking power and heartbreaking compassion as his Printz Honor Award debut novel, Stuck in Neutral.

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