Christian Logic is a Whirlwind of Stupidity: Reader Mail & Comments Archive 4

Reader Mail & Comments Archive 4

Christianity traps believers in an endless rotation of dumb ideas they cannot escape for having to believe the senseless religion. Nothing proves this point more than the dumb things Christians cling to believing so as not to be saved by critical thought.

Some of the most beautiful, loving people I know are Christians by Vincent V Triola

Christians are Loving & Beautiful People Because They Say So, Over & Over…

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Christian asks, “Why don’t you allow commenting on your website? Afraid of the truth? by Vincent V Triola

Christian Email About Commenting

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In The Christian World of Possibilities — Everything Christian is True! by Vincent V Triola

Answering Christians Properly

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“Surrender and devotion — the mystical approach — are more grounded in reality than is reason.” by Vincent V Triola

A Complete Reversal of Thought

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