Christians Repeat The Same Nonsense Over & Over: Reader Mail & Comments Archive 2

Mail & Comments from Christians

Reading the mail of Christians makes clear many important points but most notably that Christians talk the same, repeating the same arguments, and proving they are mindless followers willing to believe anything.

Trolling for Jesus by Vincent V Triola

Corralling the Christian Sheep

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Why not distinguish the bad Christians as Evangelicals or Fundamentalists? by Vincent V Triola

Answering a reader’s question.

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Actually, AA IS Christian: Jews, Muslims, & Atheists Make the Point Clear by Vincent V Triola

If AA is a spiritual program, not religious, then why must it be made less Christian for other religions?

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Freeing You From Lies is Exactly What I Do by Vincent V Triola

One day, You’ll Understand. Let’s Hope it’s Not too Late!

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