Not Just Crazy; Christian Crazy: Reader Mail & Comments Archive 6

Whether Christians are rendered insane or not because of their beliefs is debatable, but for certain they sure sound like they are nuts. If they are not sounding nuts, they are acting crazy by enacting ridiculous laws and making terrible decisions for everyone.

Your Anger With Christians is Sad! by Vincent V Triola

I say, "Anger with Christians is good!"

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Jesus, Emperor Trump, & Anunnaki Human Semen Caviar by Vincent V Triola

Not Every Christian is a True Christian, Especially The Anunnaki Worshippers

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Christian screams, ā€œIā€™m no fag! Give me death!ā€ by Vincent V Triola

Those who live by homophobia, die by homophobia.

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Christian Reader Reacts With Love: A Twelve Stepper Defends God & AA by Vincent V Triola

All the Love of Reader Reactions from Christian Charity & Shit

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