Arrogant Idiocy

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Arrogant Idiocy

Sounds like a problem? Yeah, b/c it IS

Two great wisdom lines:

“There is no God, and he is always with us,”
said a brilliant Buddhist writer
and thinker and practitioner whose name
I can’t recall.


“God didn’t make us in his image;
we made him in ours. And from this
arrogant idiocy has come
most all of our problems with religion.”
A quote from me,
(whose name I can recall)
but words that matter not a bit.

Although I will admit that
I like “Arrogant idiocy.”

I’m quite proud of this phrasing.
It reminds me of “foolish wisdom,”
a biblical wording
that makes more and more sense
the longer I live
and the less I understand.

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