Christian Demands Empirical Evidence Standard For God

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Christian Demands Empirical Evidence Standard For God

More Christian Fraud

You never state the standard of empirical evidence for an immaterial being to meet. ~More Stupidity from the Christian Commenters

Dear Christians,
Christian fraud is malignant irrationality that enables you to consider yourselves intellectual while spouting stupidity. In my last response, one of your fellow believers demanded I state the empirical evidence needed to prove an immaterial being’s existence. This demand just continues the same fraud Christians commit when presenting God and Christianity as their mind warps reality in a self-perpetuating belief that allows them to use their belief about God as their proof for God, similar to someone saying, “Puff The Magic Dragon is an immaterial being, not testable so therefore Puff is real because I can conceptually prove He is real!”

And you wonder why I call Christians stupid?

Let’s be clear, Christians. You are the ones claiming your God’s existence and immaterial nature. Now, hang on as we whip the neuron hamsters to escape the mental wheelspin. Empirical evidence is “information acquired by observation or experimentation.”This means if God is immaterial or exists in an untestable state, he cannot be proven by empirical evidence. Now, I know this tires your brains, but please try to understand:

That’s your fucking problem!

I am not the one claiming a God sent his only son to earth to be nailed to a cross to die for humanity’s sins, then rose from the dead, and we should base politics and laws on this asinine belief that holds even dumber, impractical ideas, like making men the spiritual leaders of women because they have penises and women have vaginas.

You’re the ass claiming this, and it is your responsibility to prove it true. I am sorry you think your belief in God’s immaterial nature somehow exempts you from producing evidence, but that is your assumption, and your assumption proves nothing. I can believe Puff The Magic Dragon is outside the realm of empirical evidence and invent some imaginative hypotheses for his existence, but that doesn’t prove anything.

Christian Philosophy

Oh, for all you morons whose cognitive hamsters sprint in the logic tubes, claiming, “But numbers are immaterial, and they have meaning!” the Christian dumb snare (fraud) caught you. Yes, immaterial notions (ideas) produce knowledge, such as numbers, but they mean nothing until you apply them to something, e.g., two apples, two oranges, two dumb Christians.

No one says live life by the Word of “Forty Two.” Yes, we learn much by praying and meditating on the Will of Forty Two. So important is the belief in Forty Two, for it is our salvation, we must embed the Will of Forty Two into our laws and social policies!

How stupid can a Christian be?

What is more likely: God’s existence, evidenced only by conceptual arguments, or, your refusal to accept God and Christianity’s implausibility constitutes fraud when you present these possibilities as truth?

If you want people living in a material world to believe in your immaterial God, whose religion has no practical application, you must do a whole lot better than conceptual arguments which prove neither His existence nor Christianity’s benefit.

Good luck with that!

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