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The only free speech Christians give a shit about is theirs.

Christian Pollution members,
My, what a month October has been! Our book Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities accrued daily sales since the September 29th release. To show our gratitude to members and commitment to fighting Christian pollution, we will give away copies starting on the first of November (see info below). Even more exciting, our website opened readership to others tired of Christian oppression, making us change our original plan to post new articles exclusively on Medium. We now publish them at no cost while keeping this newsletter for paid members. As our book sales and followers increase, we will continue passing on benefits to our members; thank you!

Our publication and community’s growth continues despite the efforts of Christians to sabotage us!

Idiotic, insincere, and inauthentic Christianity never ceases teaching us to avoid this religion to keep from mutating into someone vile. Christians love playing the rugged individual role attributing their strength to Jesus, but with all things Christ-like, this illusion reveals as another hypocrisy born of the religion’s fraud. Christians wrap themselves in the flag as protectors of America upholding the Constitution. They march on Washington with their precious guns to show they mean business about their rights and freely exercise their speech. This patriotic farce clarifies perfectly in their recent attacks on our free speech that they don’t even try to hide. In less than a day of publishing Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities, a Christian felt compelled to defend the faith by putting a one-star review on the book, something Terry Trueman and I expected and had a good laugh reading. You’ll enjoy this also:

Christian Pollution: Polemics & Absurdities

Only a mindless Christian would review a book, admitting they didn’t read it!

We expect more of these precious moments as sales increase as well as good reviews trickling in as ACTUAL readers review the book, but don’t think this was the only Christian outrage aimed at us. 

Two days ago, I received another warning to be more civil in discussions or risk suspension from the Medium platform. Knowing the danger of Christians hiding behind policies and using terms-of-use agreements to cry hate speech to silence the justified anger of critics, their attempt at censorship came as no surprise.

Do you see how Christians tell on themselves?

They reveal their true selfish nature that demands everyone bow to their whims and have no opinions except what they deem appropriate, evidenced by their attempts to silence us WHEN NO ONE TOLD THEM TO READ ANYTHING OR ENGAGED THEM! 

Not once have I left some opinionated, nasty comment on one of the many Christians’ articles filling Medium’s pages with moronic views and just plain lies. Not once.

They have free speech!

Yet Christians, provoked only by my posting of harsh-worded (factually driven) articles, pumped up their chests and spewed their self-righteous horseshit in comments. When I answered them, quite frankly, being more humorous than vitriolic, the big, bad Christians cried foul. These are the tough Christians whose only strength forms in armed mobs of thugs and passive-aggressive attacks using company policies to enforce their will.

Yeah, real tough.

Though we laugh at their antics, these actions speak volumes about how they abuse freedom of speech and hurt many people by calling minorities terrorists, declaring pregnant women murderers, slurring Asians with a disease, and spitting hatred at the LGBTQ — then silencing all protest. What’s that old saying?

Christians can dish it out, but sure can’t take it! Cowards — all of them!

As always with this religion, every negative consequence provides us an opportunity to expose Christian fraud. In light of this second warning, I decided to return to my original practice of not responding to comments, but for your reading pleasure, I removed and reposted all my remarks that supposedly constituted harassment or personal attacks, less the instigating comments for not wanting to violate policies and most certainly to avoid hurting Christians’ little feelings. I’m sure you will fill in the blanks.

For members who wish to contact me, you may do so on our site. You can also request to be added to our mailing list and have the opportunity to receive a free book.

Terry Trueman and I again thank everyone for reading. Your support from readership and book sales makes fighting Christian oppression possible! 👏

(To anyone new or not yet a member, you can sign up here. ) 

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