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Christians Got Their Feelings Hurt

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Christians Got Their Feelings Hurt

You be the judge.

After a second warning for “harassing or name-calling” Christians, I removed and ceased all commenting on this platform. I find it hilarious that Christians choose to comment on my articles, leaving nasty or ridiculous comments, then report me for hate speech when I respond. I never commented on any Christian article on this site despite many ludicrous and outright lies published. I published my “hate speech,” less the Christian commenters, so you can judge if my responses to Christians constitute hate or harassment. I’m certain you will have little difficulty filling in the blanks.

My Responses to Christians (Recent to Oldest)

I appreciate your points, and I might write a more formal response too lengthy to post here, but essentially, we have an issue dividing us on the term diversity evidenced by you saying “it still undermines your claim that “Clearly, Methodist, and all other divided sects, reveals a lack of Christian diversity for being prone to sharing the same views as right-wing evangelicals.”

    Everything you discuss in this article is not what many people would consider diversity. Because one Christian sect disagrees with contraception being banned for married couples is hardly a point of diversity between Christian groups. Baptism, eucharist, and many other areas exemplify Christian disagreement over meaning and ritual but enough fundamental beliefs remain in agreement to keep these churches voting the same and acting in concert. As evidence of this, you need only look at the simple numbers which shows party affiliation among Christians which shows 43% are Republican or lean Republican, 17% no lean, and 40% Democratic or lean Democratic. The same survey tells us that only 18% of Christians consider themselves politically liberal.

    Clearly, there are enough ideological similarities that overrides Christian differences to allow the majority to lean to the GOP, which currently is almost completely dominated by Christian Nationalism. Again, while you might see liberal Christianity “characterized mainly by a set of methods and approaches to Christian tradition rather than a definite set of beliefs,” this is your opinion which vies with hundreds of sects with definitive beliefs; however oppositional to one another and with liberal Christianity.

    Ultimately, if we are to find any agreement, we would need determine exact nature of liberal Christianity so everyone like me can distinguish it, but to be honest, touching on the implausibility of Christianity, if the religion cannot solve real-world problems such as turning the US into a theocracy (which it is more likely exacerbating), then it holds value.

    As far as intelligence goes, I have many issues with intelligence theory and wrote a lot of articles about it. Knowing that should give anyone reading some clue to my motives when I point out Christian intelligence.

    (Name changed but not by much!)
    Barryssmoothieshop says, “What a shallow, trite, and self-righteous bit of copy. So much siliness. So little time.” Barryssmoothieshop serves up a Jesus Trolling Smoothie packed with Christian wisdom sure to fill the empty mental gullets of Christians starving for confirmation bias but not wanting all that sugary critical thought. Barryssmoothieshop isn’t just good; it’s good for Christians looking for blanket statements without evidence. Thanks, Barryssmoothieshop, for not being a fraudulent Christian trying to appear intelligent to keep the herd fed with lies.

      The bias inherent in Christianity runs deep and while I acknowledge there are Christians who oppose the hardline evangelical elements, simultaneously I feel they are disingenuous for three important reasons.

      One, these groups exacerbate the fallacies mentioned here since many liberal Christians are just as likely to come racing to the defense of Christianity claiming their diversity. The No True Scotsman fallacy is very revealing of the biased Christian worldview (and lot of arrogance) that demands everyone distinguish all these various Christian sects. Yet most Christians have no problem referring to themselves in a group fashion, e.g., calling themselves Christians.

      Two, these groups are not as diverse as they like to believe, prone to the same hate and prejudice as evangelicals, proven by these small sects like the Methodists who split between two interpretations to the point of dividing into two churches. Clearly, Methodist, and all other divided sects, reveals a lack of Christian diversity for being prone to sharing the same views as right-wing evangelicals.

      Further demonstrating this lack of diversity is the glaring fact that there is no standard for what constitutes a liberal Christian. Because a person can call themselves a liberal Christian for the same reason they can claim they are Christian (arbitrary reasons), this lumps Christians into a liberal category that is misleading, e.g., a liberal Catholic may have no problem with homosexuality but may want laws to restrict abortion. This fact does not make Christians diverse; it makes them inconsistent and difficult to trust.

      Three, blindness to the facts forms another crucial point revealing the Christian bias that makes Christians and nonChristians propagandists for the hardline Christian Nationalists. Resulting from the bias of seeing Christians as a sprawling diverse people, the liberal Christian opposing the evangelical Nationalist loses sight of the fact that her liberal sect, such as half of the Methodists, (about 3.5 million) are a fraction of the hundreds of millions of Protestant, Catholics, and other groups siding with the conservative Methodists. Liberal Christians are not only very small in size, but they are also fractured by ideological differences that, as stated prior, makes distinguishing them very difficult — I feel impossible. Sadly, evangelicals know this fact and use liberal Christians as propaganda.

      You cannot imagine how many Quakers suddenly email or post whenever I publish something accusing all Christians. One email claimed to be an Amish person. LOL! These are trolls spreading propaganda to misdirect liberal Christians away from the real enemy who uses their beliefs against them by claiming Christians are not the problem: “It’s those damn evangelicals!”

      Meanwhile, liberal Christians fight the evangelical scourge and those bigoted writers blaming all Christians while government continues becoming theocratic with Catholics and many other sects laughingly pointing at their evangelical partners.

      If liberal Christians were not spending all their time defending their wonderfully diverse religion, and they and nonChristians stopped trying to identify the good Christians, they might actually see the bad ones, who are not just evangelicals.

      Though I don’t believe Christianity is good for any peoples, I am speaking to American Christians. This point is clarified here and here but often overlooked in individual articles because of publication design issues. Thanks.

      Good job! You have managed to irrelevantly blather for five paragraphs to impress the illiterate Christians who stare at their screens, salivating for a nugget of GOP/Jesus “wisdom” to confirm all their worldview’s biases. Now they can sleep easy, knowing you spoke the truth, at least the Christian truth that allows them to continue living a lie. Truly you possess all the insight needed to fill the hungry dog’s bowl. Bravo!

      Thank you, ****. You make an excellent point about the piecemeal approach. I hate that I am constantly forced to provide bite-size information because of the low readership on this platform. There are a lot of reasons for this but ultimately, this isn’t the best place for these articles. If you and others reading haven’t already, be sure to go to Christian Pollution if you need help finding articles. There is a better search bar and menu system. Thanks. (Hint: If you join our mailing list you can win some free digital books!) Thanks.

      That is the best defense. 👏 Thank you!

      I think we need to consider the idea of pigeonholing ourselves into categories such as atheist, agnostic, theist, etc. I don’t like categorizing myself in this way because I see these descriptions as part of the Christian fraud that makes us answer everything in relation to this religion. The important questions ask, why are you defining yourself at all? Why does anyone in the US feel compelled to disclose their religious views?

      As far as I am concerned, I am an atheist because no one has shown me any compelling evidence to suggest that there is an all-powerful being. If someone wants to delude themselves with belief in God or religion, they have the right to do so, but I think that is a terrible mistake because there are consequences for assuming something is real without evidence, especially something like the Christian god.

      The problem in a Christian-dominated society is the illusion that we are the abnormal ones for not subscribing to the belief. This can be a lonely place, made worse by geography and other factors, but it is a liberating experience because it forces you to look at life realistically and find others who do the same. They are out there.

      Once you fully let go of the Christian fraud, you will find so many benefits that you will never want to return to the thinking. I would rather die lonely and angry as the Christians claim, then live that lie ever again, but I won’t because I am not a Christian, which is ultimately at the core of dividing everyone with their categories.

      Keep reading and learning and you will know this same thinking and freedom. Thanks.

      Thanks for speaking out. Your description of crawling from a tar pit is perfect. I felt that way myself for decades. At fifty-two, I still feel tarred!

      Quite the black-and-white deduction, no doubt caused by the Christian Worldview. Here is an idea: Treat people with equal respect.

      I agree, and I love your point, “The religions that we actually have, especially Christianity, have actually needed to threaten those in possession of a new telescope with death at the stake. They do not not merely fail to suggest looking through the telescope — their predictions actually fail when a telescope is finally built.”

      Looking just through the lens of simple Popperian falsification, one could easily see the failure of Christianity based solely on the fact that over and over applications have been not just tested but implemented in real-world situations leading to failures. Inversely, these results should inform us that applying these Christian values is not reasonable, (the null, if you will), such as in the case of the biblical story of creation having no significant evidence and rejected. Yet 40% of America still thinks creationism is a good possibility.

      The problem of getting people to understand Christianity’s failure is tremendous for the bias so deeply embedded in social institutions. Religion has stunted logic to a point where people cannot see the failures despite existing within that failing worldview. It is for this very reason; I see no method of philosophical debate working to change the current bias since Christianity uses this methodology to argue for the religion’s possibility as a plausible notion. In the same manner, as you say, religion threatened the people possessing telescopes, it uses philosophy and logic to deceptively present itself, knowing it can be proven false. Thanks.

      Get the Literacy Ambulance! Do you understand the words coming out of your month? You have answered nothing that you say you answered! Reading the truth about Christians has triggered cognitive distortions; try to remain calm. Breathe deep and try to relax so you will stop repeating nonsense!

      Again, get the Literacy Ambulance! Do you understand the words coming out of your month? You have answered nothing that you say you answered! Reading the truth about Christians has triggered cognitive distortions; try to remain calm. Breathe deep and try to relax so you will stop repeating nonsense!

      Clearly and ironically, you did not read this article. Had you read this article, you would have grasped the (highly complex) multiple references to the book, such as,

      Arranged in an easy-to-read format, this collection of articles and verses comes straight from the Christian Pollution blog to provide insight into the Christian problem. These articles are now exclusively available on Amazon to provide everyone the opportunity to mitigate the Christian risk.

      Had you read the article, and perhaps other articles, you likely would have realized accusing me of needing to “put more thought into it” projected your lack of critical thought. More importantly, you would have avoided embarrassment reading this message. Respectfully, I advise reading ENTIRE articles and not just looking at pictures.

      Here is a link to a good starting article to avoid these issues.

      Sounds like someone believes if they say something enough, then it will magically come true, sort of the way Christian Trolls post the same messages over and over, even if they don’t make sense. Could it be they do this because it is pathological?

      Again, sounds like someone believes if they say something enough, then it will magically come true, sort of the way Christian Trolls post the same messages over and over, even if they don’t make sense. Could it be they do this because it is pathological?

      Very interesting point about projection. Playing armchair psychologist is so prevalent that I don’t know how anyone could consider it anything other than pathological. I have heard many Christians screaming murderer and other terrible accusations. Their cruel mentality suggests a complete lack of empathy, and if that is not some form of sociopathic religiously induced behavior, I don’t know what the hell is! If you ever write about those experiences let me know. I would love to read about them. Thank you!

      Another brilliant response that proves I am wrong for thinking there is no such thing as Imposter Christianity. I’ll also get started rewriting my other article comparing Christian sects to cartels since there is so much diversity in Christianity. Thanks, xxxx!

      Who said without Christianity “the capitalist West would be some non-misogynist paradise”? You’re not suggesting Christianity makes the West less misogynistic???

      Not once did I say anything about the west being less misogynistic or more misogynistic. That argument is yours, not mine. Good strawman!

      To everyone, this is an excellent example of a Christian Troll with the hidden agenda of attempting to negate an article by pretending to be a feminist philosopher pointing out fallacies that are actually cognitive distortions.

      Go back to troll school and learn to argue points, so you don’t have to invent issues.

      Sounds like someone believes if they say something enough, then it will magically come true, sort of the way Christian Trolls post the same messages over and over, even if they don’t make sense. Could it be they do this because it is pathological?

      I have answered this question in many articles but this article “Criticizing Christians” should suffice.

      Yes! You’re right. It’s all black people. None of them deserve justice!

      Thanks. Good luck with the oppression and lies, half-wit. :)

      I am sorry to hear you and your sister endured that experience. Christians have their hands deep into the foster care system. Their involvement is often selfishly motivated and harmful to the children: a situation I expose in upcoming articles. Thank you.

      More often than not, conservative Christians take refuge in the liberals, which clouds the issue, which I discuss in “Christian Cartels & Christian Washing.” There are also not as many liberal Christians as we are led to believe, which I explain in “How CNN Promoted the False Narrative of “Imposter Christianity.” Liberal Christians also have no justification for their beliefs other than their interpretation of scripture which sometimes goes against conservatives and other times not. If you give credence to the liberal Christian who bases his beliefs on his bible interpretation, then you cannot deny the racist, conservative Christians their interpretation since they are based on the same text. Thanks

      Again, sounds like someone believes if they say something enough, then it will magically come true, sort of the way Christian Trolls post the same messages over and over, even if they don’t make sense. Could it be they do this because it is pathological?

      Whoa, folks! We have Christian Theologian in the house. Looks like we better start arguing with him about proving God — not! Luckily, we all know better than to fall into this Christian troll trap.

      Thanks! Just clarify, it’s all Christians and spewing puke helps them understand. 😆

      Yes, all nonsensical generalizations. It was the fundamentalist alone who elected Trump. It was the fundamentalist alone who wanted abortion outlawed. It is the fundamentalist alone who believes in purity culture. The Christian majority would never want these things. You are wise!

      Typical Christian, willfully overlooking the pertinent questions: Who sent the refugees to Matha’s Vineyard? Who were the terrorists in Charlottesville? Who made food banks a necessity with their politics? Who were the slavers and racists making Civil Rights a battle that persists today?

      Only a Christians would dare use Black Americans as a reason to fight anti-Christian sentiment — when it’s convenient!

      What is truly lazy is overlooking half of all mainstream Christians and the 80% of evangelicals who all voted for the Republican (Christian Nationalist) party, railed against LGBTQ, and stripped women of their bodily autonomy. Hey, but those facts are too troublesome to discuss, right? You might want to read up on the people you defend so vehemently.

      Nothing consumes me with more joy and laughter than writing about Christianity. Thanks!

      Murders and gun violence would appear to be exempt from overrepresentation but this not true since minorities are adjudicated more harshly than whites, meaning they are less likely to receive diminished charges such as murder to manslaughter. In research, you would want to look at both over representation and disparity. Of special interest is juvenile overrepresenation because juvenile offenders are most impacted due to reducing life chances, especially when minority offenders are prosecuted as adults more often than whites. This tremendously impacts life opportunities such as college and jobs as well as making them more at-risk of becoming adult offenders. A good place to start is the Department of Justice with records such as https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/ojjdp/179007.pdf Thanks.

      This practice of calling atheists “childish” is a growing trend amongst Christians. I see this accusation posted more and more. Clearly, using facts to support an argument is more childish than mythology, armchair psychology, and insults.

      You’re absolutely correct. Like most Christian-controlled resources, there are a small number (in this case the Church) controlling healthcare through policy. Often vendors and other components of healthcare must abide by ERDs despite having nothing to do with the religion.

      This is an extremely important topic because large numbers (1/6 hospitals) are Catholic controlled and most people have no idea they are receiving substandard or no care based on dogma. I am working on some articles that discuss LGBTQ in relation to these issues, so if you have articles feel free to post a link here. Thanks for the response.

      Thanks for the veiled threats couched in Christian love. I wish I read this before I wrote The Four Most Mind Numbingly Annoying Things About Christians.

      Bravo! Never have I seen so much stupidity and ignorance packed into one circular logic argument. You say abortion is about balancing the unborn and woman’s right to live, which somehow makes overturning Roe v. Wade a good idea because then each state majority can decide different balancing of this fundamental human right to live. Wow! What a great idea because that wasn’t tried before, resulting in the Roe v. Wade decision in the first place. Now that you have magically solved the original issue that led to Roe v Wade by overturning the decision, we can now move on to allowing states to arbitrarily decide other things like interracial marriage, denying LGBTQ rights, etc. But wait! The dumb get dumber as you convolute those rights and woman’s choice to be pregnant with a state-granted privilege like having a driver’s license. Brilliant!

      For future references, you might wish to stick with screaming, “Baby murderer!” You make more sense that way.

      I originally wasn’t going to post my listicle of Christian annoyances yesterday, but reading your nonsense confirms the correctness of my decision.

      Well, ****, that’s the first I’ve heard that truth is false and false is truth, i.e., Christianity is either true or not true. It’s also had thousands of years to figure out what part is true and remains a doctrine so malleable that it gives rise to conservative evangelicals diametrically opposed to liberal Christians. Clearly not the truth since both forms of Christianity can’t be right.

      Also, referring to every criticism of Christianity as an isolated incident or using the “bad apple in the bunch” adage forms a fallacy when the bad apples start overflowing the basket. Perhaps you should read up on (well, all of philosophy) so you don’t confuse your illiteracy for babbling.

      ****, you’re the saddest of all Christian victims: the nonChristian swinging logic’s sword with no purpose but to play devil’s advocate, using middling arguments that place you in defense of one of the most violent, irrational religions that (factually) turns the US into a theocracy. Way to go, ****! 👍

      \ ˈhaf-ˌwit , ˈhäf- \: a foolish or stupid person. Example: This commenter.

      Only a fool believes calling a Christian a half-wit is ad hominem since declaring a half-wit a half-wit is not a personal attack — it’s just telling the truth.

      Okay, Half-wit, Let’s be clear: your experience in your supposedly liberal denomination is not universal. Christians cannot agree on the definition of “liberal Christian,” much less a universal perspective, denoted by the many forums just an internet click away. Just as the article claims, liberal Christians take a relativistic view of Christian doctrine, picking and choosing their beliefs for arbitrary reasons. Liberal Catholics and other denominations might disagree with intelligent design but wholeheartedly accept abortion bans. The fact that the Outhouse Church publishes hundreds of articles with differing views of liberal Christianity reflects the belief’s malleable nature and your ignorance of the topic. Perhaps you should stop propagandizing and talk to more people who do not believe in Christianity — if that is possible for the Christian half-wit.

      Yes, that is what really matters to Christians: being equally shitty to other religions or not being brave enough to stand up to Islam.

      Nice diagnosis of my pent rage, Christian armchair psychologist. You should write a book with those bits of wisdom.

      Her being a Christian has nothing to do with the fact that Christianity made her and millions of other Americans victims. I think you chastising me instead of the foul-mouthed prolifer speaks volumes about Christian priorities.

      Because that is what is really important to Christians: degrading other religions to make yours look better. I’ll work on that.

      Well said. I agree and that conclusion comes easy to anyone looking at Christianity objectively.

      I agree with everything you say though I blame Christians in general since Evangelicals had tremendous support from Catholics, Mormons, and many other sects. Nothing is dumber than the pro-life argument for sure, and that legal victory now threatens minorities and LGBTQ. Sadly, things will probably need to get much worse before the threat of Christian-dominated politics is realized.

      Thanks! I get this question often, and to better understand my senseless rant, actually reading might work. Christians unable to figure out how to read Christian Pollution should start with Christian Equals to understand the depth of loathing felt for them. Should Christians desire to read further, which they usually don’t, I invite them to learn about the Christian Pollution that clouds life.

      Rarely has a Christian read this far but should this unlikely event occur without cognitive damage, they could choose to press forward (cautiously) with articles concerning the harm caused by Christians. Courageous readers willing to brave a total collapse of ignorance and religious indoctrination that binds their arrogance, racism, hate, and passive-aggressive Christian values into a personal worldview can learn about Christian hate next.

      Before attempting any reading of Christian Pollution, Christians should warm up with some commentary about Christians and perhaps some humor to avoid mental injury. Enjoy! 😊

      Sorry to say, but Christian identity is meaningless because purpose doesn’t define a Christian. One need only follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (however those teachings are interpreted). The existence of thousands of sects, endless personal interpretations, and lack of any central authority prove this true. Marjorie Taylor Greene is absolutely a Christian, just not the Christian you want her to be.

      Thanks! Perhaps you are right, and really I am just angry and lying about Christianity. I will think about that.

      In the US, Christians have cornered the market on stupidity, and I lump Mormons in that monopoly. Perhaps my despise is best explained by Christian’s annoying behavior and beliefs they inflict on the rest of society.

      That is quite the mental gymnastics you perform: ideas I graded in various articles with a shining bright red F. Quite the flowery portrait you paint of Christians also yet don’t answer the fact that liberal Christianity is as malleable as play-doh. No matter how much you decorate your argument in verbosity, saying,

      “It’s not Christianity’s fault that people have royally messed up something intended to be simple into the hydra it has become. That’s people’s fault; people who wanted their own way above what they actually believed.”

      It is still bullshit since Christians are the ones who are at fault for not being able to follow their own morality. Just the same crap every Christian spews when deflecting blame. Likewise, your nonsensical defense of scripture cherry-picking, boasting Christians “having had enough of institutions that have flat out served to serve themselves,” is surpassed in meaninglessness by your simile of kicking a puppy. Quite the way to pull the old Christian heartstrings in Jesus jibber jabber! I could go on revealing your standard Christian armchair psychology and philosophy attacks, but frankly, I am already exhausted.

      Let me be very clear: I couldn’t care less about your opinion or promoting me as a fellow novelist. As much as you don’t want to read my writing, I don’t want your readership. Thanks.

      Thank you for your critical thought masterpiece that isn’t all a standard, derivative Christian armchair psychology anger diagnosis that forms the only reason someone loathes Christians, all while deflecting blame, claiming hatred founds “for no reason other than they had Faith.” Thank you for being so original and confirming my many conclusions. You bring me much joy! 😇

      Next time I will be sure to use one-syllable words for you and the liberal Christians who may suffer confusion from retaining so many inconsistent beliefs. I promise to write simple sentences in the future. Perhaps you can help me in your next post by using a more original argument than diagnosing me as a meanie with armchair psychology. Thanks 🙂

      Here are some definitions to help you understand what I just said.

      inconsistent: lacking consistency: such as
       a: not compatible with another fact or claim inconsistent statements
       b: containing incompatible elements an inconsistent argument
       c: incoherent or illogical in thought or actions: CHANGEABLE
       d: not satisfiable by the same set of values for the unknowns

      to recognize (something, such as a disease) by signs and symptoms
       b: to recognize a disease or condition in
       2: to analyze the cause or nature of

      armchair psychologist:
      A person who gives advice for cognitive issues without any clinical knowledge of psychology.

      How ironic that a man descended from white slavery should embrace the white slaver’s religion to find himself championing equality and justice only to be slaughtered for his Christian beliefs by white Christians.

      King’s embodiment of liberal Christianity speaks volumes about Christianity’s malleableness that today gives rise to the racist conservative and accepting liberal Christian the same, resolving nothing.

      Agreed. Religion makes identifying a cult nearly impossible in the disambiguation needed to differentiate the two words. In upcoming issues, I discuss this problem and how “cult” and “religion” are more synonymous than different. Thanks.

      Many people, like you, see the Greenes juxtaposed with liberal Christians and naturally want to assume one Christian is “true” and one not, which becomes confusing when the facts deny imposter Christianity. This confusion compounds in the bias suffered in a Christian-dominated society. Not identifying as Christian, as you say, means your morality, civility, and “loving my neighbor” axiom came from your deductions. Because you, and many others, share certain beliefs with Christians, perhaps even adopted from Christianity, a positive bias forms around Christianity, reinforcing the idea that an imposter must exist, if for no other reason than to justify personal belief. Rest assured, your confusion is widespread and forms one of my publication’s cornerstones supporting the harsh rhetoric needed to pierce this bias shared by Christians and nonChristians. Once a person understands there is no Christian imposter or “true” Christian, she can begin to see the problems this bias fuels.

      Many smart Christians who are not liberal know all too well the bias surrounding Christianity and weaponize it. They deflect blame from Christianity by blaming Evangelicals (even though they might be these people). They blame individual believers or simply deny the group or person’s authenticity as a Christian. By propagandizing in this fashion, they maintain Christian solidarity using believers’ faith and personal interests against them.

      As an example, most Americans, if we believe the statistics, didn’t want abortion outlawed, yet enough people voted for Trump to get him elected in 2016, allowing him to stack the Supreme Court with Christians wanting Roe v Wade overturned. The only way Trump got elected was by a large Christian vote, which was the aim of his campaign to garner Catholics, Mormons, and many others, most notably on abortion. Many Christians voted for Trump for no other reason than his anti-abortion stance. Likewise, Trump appealed to racist Christians and affluent Christians. Essentially, Trump unified Christians who might not have voted for various reasons or split votes between parties.

      No other reason explains how he acquired half of all mainstream Christian voters and 70% to 80% of Evangelicals.

      For these reasons, exposing imposter Christianity, more importantly, Christian bias, becomes vital for showing Christians are not innocent bystanders to their religion’s hijacking but individuals responsible for many negative social issues. Exposing bias also illuminates how Christians become politically manipulated via faith and the way liberal Christians camouflage these manipulative groups and bad actors claiming imposter Christianity. Thanks.

      That is quite a pearl of wisdom. I’ll be sure to add that to my next list of annoying things about Christians. Thanks!

      There is about as much “variety within faiths labeled as Christian” as there is between ISIS and al-Qaeda. Christians would love everyone to believe that Christianity is a diverse religion with a small number of unsavory sects, or better still, the victim of imposter Christianity: neither of which is true. Mainstream Christian groups are more akin to cartels than they are religious bodies.

      I see you have embraced Christian armchair psychology. Congratulations!

      That is interesting. So how do you explain Evangelicals, as you say, 16% of the population, managing to get half the country to vote for a racist who aimed his election at white Evangelicals? How do you explain this small percentage of voters getting so many lunatics like Margorie Taylor Green seats in Congress? The numbers don’t add up. Liberal, progressive, and even mainstream Christians like Catholics love to blame Evangelicals, but this is just Christian washing and the false narrative of imposter Christianity. Many, if not most Christians, abide by the same beliefs as Evangelicals, making them less boisterous but no less complicit.

      Typical Jesus Jibber Jabber: if you scream “complete crap” and dodge questions enough, you will make your point true. Of course, falsly stating your leader Trump “barely got 30%” of the vote helps propel your blathering.

      Mumbo jumbo, wordish jumble!
      Monolithic: big word fumble
      Consent from Christians tumble?
      **** speaks nonsense gumbo!

      Saying Christian morals gave society the concept of consent is like saying Christians gave society law. I suppose on Planet Christian where they speak Jibber Jabber this makes sense.

      Christianity isn’t society. It just happens to be the majority religion in American society, so forcing Christian purity on other people, Christian or not, is not a universal normative function. Avoiding touchy topics because there is nothing to be gained by going against the norm leads to derivative thinking that makes people compliant and forms the antithesis of quality writing.

      Yes, I’ll jump right on that rewrite despite hundreds of daily readers concerned with the Christian purity problem since you are the authority. As I hammer away at my rewrite, you might consider a less significantly predictable approach than the Christian Troll expert persona. Feigning editor, philosopher, and other titles lacks authenticity since you found the article so insultingly irrelevant you demanded a rewrite.

      Clearly, I failed to get through to you!

      Take some advice from someone who earns their living at authorship; don’t give advice or pretend you hold expertise because you only fool those with Christian-governed minds and appear foolish to anyone with sense.

      If you don’t like what you read, perform the ridiculous Medium tradition of giving one clap, or better yet, just don’t read or block me like all the sensitive Christians filling ears with fingers and wearing blinders. Otherwise, I will continue to enjoy your advice. Thanks.

      Mumbo jumbo magic bubble!
       Jesus good, and man is trouble!
       He speaks jibber jabber,
       And psychobabble!

      Absolutely! Christian priority clearly shows in their willingness to spend billions to outlaw people’s rights to marriage and bodily autonomy just to reinforce their authority. Thank you!

      Recognizing bullshit or the implausible nature of what people say is more than enough. While you hone your skills, you don’t need to respond to these people. Learning to articulate your thoughts takes time and there are many methods to developing that skill that don’t involve arguing. Thanks.

      Calling a liar a liar is just telling the truth. Thank you :)

      I just answered this in a rebuttal to that preacher, but seeing the problem can be confusing. All Christians are complicit whether they mean to be or not. The majority of them vote the same, believe the same things, and defend their religion (no matter how differently interpreted) the same. This is a difficult point for many Christians and nonChristians to understand because they see the liberal-talking Christians and assume it is the Evangelicals or some minority of Nationalists. While these liberals exist, they are complicit because they do nothing to stop them and often agree with many of their ideas. For certain, you see this complicity in mainstream Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, etc. who all agree with Evangelicals on most major points including LGBTQ, abortion, purity, etc. Mainstream Christians just don’t like get to get their hands dirty, so they let the Evangelical Nationalists do the job for them. I linked in three articles to this comment that I hope clarify the problem. Thanks.

      I answered many times and have made apparent my criticism directs at America, not the world. I have further answered all these statistics you, like most Christians, like to obfuscate into an appearance of diversity but overlook the obvious points such as the fact that if 79% of blacks identify as Christian, their total population only comprises 14% of the United States. If blacks had the voting power, do you really think the government would be increasingly leaning to the right? The majority of Christians are white mainstream Christians who hold most of the same values as Evangelicals. These two articles should help ease your ignorance of the topic: Christian Cartels and Mindless Christians

      Rape culture and gender power imbalance will never be solved as long as we live in a society dominated by Christianity. In my article about the Christian Persecution complex, I explain this social problem beyond just the patriarchy and binary sexual viewpoint Christians hold:

      The INCEL philosophy centers on the belief that 80% of women desire the top 20% of men: a statistic and belief with no proof. INCELs don’t need evidence because they see women as persecutors, denying them the right to have sex and relationships. Why? Some people argue insanity, chauvinism, patriarchy, but when you drill down on the belief, you find an unfounded sense of entitlement that tells these men they should be able to have sex and date effort-free.

      Any man living in a Christian dominated society has much evolving to do.

      I appreciate the compliment but truthfully there is no league. Everyone has been hoodwinked by Christianity, and it is very difficult to find clarity. Keep reading!

      I agree with your racial discussion but I tend to think Christians cooperate far more than they disagree. If anything, the evidence suggests Christians are more complicit than oppositional.

      LOL! Believe it or not, I feel the same way. It is not easy to get Christianity out of your life when you are subjected to it constantly. Keep striving! :) Thanks.

      I see a strawman and a false comparison packed into an irrelevant argument. Thank you for proving my point with that masterfully sculpted rationalization using meaningless statements not meant to tackle the article’s point but to falsely discredit the argument to show Christianity is “normal as the day is long.” Bravo! A crystal clear cognitive distortion, if ever there was one.

      Classic! You open with a question, turn it into a strawman argument, misstate the sources to support your strawman, and then accuse me of the fallacies discussed. You actually added weight to my argument.

      This article suggests that there may be a strong possibility that believing in religion (Christianity) might cause cognitive distortions. There is little research in this area, and most of the research I cite intends to show the scant research concerning religion and cognitive distortions and the bias inherent in the research.

      I used none of that research to make any claim about religions causing distortions, just the possibility there may be a relationship.

      Clearly, you didn’t read the article or purposely misstated what I said, or you suffer cognitive distortions that force you to argue dishonestly and fallaciously.

      If you suffer from cognitive distortions, we may never know the cause since there is so little research in this area, just as I said in the article. But I am betting on religion!

      My what a day! A Christian being honest. Truly a miracle! Thank you.

      Christians have so much to say but hear nothing. Thanks.

      Jesus Fish