Faith and Hope/Hope Vs. Faith

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Faith and Hope/Hope Vs. Faith

Religion and spirituality or maybe nope.

Mostly of course it’s the clickbait power of the blue tutu and the protruding nipple that grabs me in this pic above —

But I also love the position of the left arm asking, “What? What’s going on?” And it is that aspect of the pic that made me select it for our purposes here.

Faith and hope are NOT the same things, although people often confuse the words in pronouncements regarding “beliefs” and religious or spiritual matters.

Hope need not have any boundaries at all. You may hope whatever you wish, fervently or lightly, it doesn’t matter because hope is all yours and sometimes it will be all you have left.

Faith on the other hand has boundaries, or it should. Believing that God=Life=Love and that the world is full of unknown and unknowable things we may call “mysteries” is just fine. Insisting that others agree with your beliefs and writing them off as lost souls when they don’t, is a perverse violation of faith, the opposite of validation and confirmation.

I hope you all understand what I’m saying. I have little faith that everyone will. So allow me to put on my blue tutu and raise my arm and ask, “What? What’s going on?” As you explain to me that your faith beliefs are the only right ones and the only ones that matter.

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